gold returns to the comic strip presents with the red top

Comic Strip

Gold, have announced it will exclusively premiere the latest Comic Strip extravaganza from the mastermind of Peter Richardson with The Comic Strip Presents…The Red Top! (Working Title).

The outlandish 75-minute comic fantasy tells the story of Rebekah, played by Maxine Peake (The Village), who is an innocent and beguiling Northern girl who accidentally becomes Chief Executive of News International and gets caught up in a seventies Watergate-style scandal. (Ring any bells?)

The Comic Strip Presents… The Red Top! (Working Title), marks a welcome return of the nation’s favourite anarchic comedy collective. No one is safe from the irreverent wit of legendary British comedy filmmaker Peter Richardson in this surreal and hilarious script.

This is the second outing of The Comic Strip on Gold, following the 30th anniversary special The Comic Strip Presents… Five Go To Rehab in 2012.


Starring alongside Maxine Peake will be Nigel Planer, who will play Rupert Murdoch and Russell Tovey who will play Andy Coulson.

Johnny Vegas, Alexei Sayle, Harry Enfield, James Buckley and John Sessions will also star in the film alongside Eleanor Matsuura as Wendi Deng.

Reprising his role as Tony Blair will be Stephen Mangan and creator Peter Richardson will also make an exciting appearance.


Speaking about the new programme, Richardson said:

“Like our previous Comic Strip satire The Hunt For Tony Blair which was set in the sixties, The Red Top (Working Title) lampoons the phone hacking scandal and the world of politics and press proprietors, and is set in a colourful seventies Boogie Nights style parallel universe with a disco soundtrack. I’m thrilled to have such a fantastic cast. It should be huge fun.”

Commissioning Editor for UKTV Simon Lupton said:

“There’s nothing quite like The Comic Strip anywhere else in the world of comedy and so it’s incredibly exciting to be part of this next chapter.

The script is wonderfully hilarious and playful, and as always the cast list is an embarrassment of riches. The Comic Strip history is littered with iconic moments, characters and performances, and I’m confident Peter and his team will be creating some more with this latest installment.”

Steve North, General Manager for Gold added:

“Gold is the nation’s go to place for quality comedy and nostalgia, we are delighted to welcome The Comic Strip back to the channel and look forward to seeing what anarchy Peter and Pete will bring to the new film about one of the hot news topics of the last 10 years.”

The Comic Strip Presents…The Red Top! (Working Title) is coming soon to Gold

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