the one where i went to friends fest

Friends Fest

It’s the hottest ticket in town right now, and last night I visited one of the most famous apartments in television history.

That’s right, I was lucky enough to attend Friends Fest, a five-day Friends themed festival in East London’s Brick Lane, where Comedy Central have recreated Monica’s iconic apartment to celebrate Friends’ 21st anniversary.


Friends ran for 10 years with a total of 236 episodes between 22nd September 1994 and 6th May 2004, and in the UK alone, six million people still tune in every year on Comedy Central which currently shows Friends more or less on a loop all day long!


When I first stepped into Monica’s apartment, it really did feel as though I had stepped back in time and onto the set of Friends. Understandably, there were some minor alterations to some of the furniture, but there was no mistaking that this was Monica’s apartment.

From the clutter in the kitchen, to the purple walls, the slanted window and the poster above the TV, I think Comedy Central did an astounding job in recreating one of the most iconic sets in television history right on our very doorstep.

Friends Fest 1

Sadly there was no sign of Ross and Rachel arguing over whether or not they were on a break, Rachel’s English trifle was nowhere to be seen and not once did Joey come in to the raid the fridge and although I tried I couldn’t see Ugly Naked Guy out of the window.

But on the upside I did get to take a lot of pics, and of course I had to recreate this iconic moment…


As well as Monica’s apartment, there was also a Central Perk themed coffee shop where you were able to take a pic on the iconic orange sofa, which of course I did…

Friends Fest 2

But Monica’s apartment and the Central Perk inspired café weren’t the only things on offer. There was also a pop-up salon offering the ‘Rachel bob’, Phoebe’s Busking Area, Joey and Chandler’s TV station complete with Lazy Boy 3000’s, and a water fountain with umbrellas where you could recreate the iconic opening titles.

Friends Fest 4

As well as all of that, there were also some original props from the series on display, including Joey’s white ceramic dog, Ross’s original copy of Science Boy, a VHS copy of Buffay The Vampire Slayer, scripts from Days Of Our Lives and Mac & C.H.E.E.S.E. and Monica and Chandler’s wedding invitation.


Friends Fest 3

It’s no wonder the event sold out in 11-minutes as it really was the biggest treat a Friends fanatic such as myself could have wished for, without having to travel to New York for the privilege.

Could it have BEEN more awesome? No. Did it make my week, my month, or even my year? Absolutely!

Friends Fest runs 16th-20th September, and you can watch Friends in chronological order from 5pm weekdays on Comedy Central

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