celebrity big brother’s 17 most memorable moments

CBB 17

A new year, means a new series of Celebrity Big Brother, and to celebrate the launch of series 17 on Tuesday 5th January, I’ve picked what I believe to be 17 of the most memorable moments from every series of Celebrity Big Brother to date.

17. When Davina McCall entered the house (Series 7, 2010)

16. When Alex Reid got a spray tan (Series 7, 2010)

15. When John McCririck didn’t get his Diet Coke (Series 3, 2005)

14. When Chantelle had to pretend to be a famous pop star (Series 4, 2006)

13. When Julie Goodyear enjoyed a banana a little bit too much (Series 10, 2012)

12. When Lionel Blair lost it with Luisa Zissman (Series 13, 2014)

11. When Casey Batchelor’s mum told her daughter what she thought about Lee Ryan (Series 13, 2014)

10. When Jasmine Lennard re-entered the house to confront Casey Batchelor (Series 13, 2014)

9. When George Galloway and Pete Burns danced in a leotard (Series 4, 2006)

8. When Verne Troyer ram-raided the Diary Room (Series 6, 2009)

7. When Denise Welch got naked in the hot tub (Series 9, 2012)


6. When Chantelle and Preston happened (Series 4, 2006)

5. When Jade Goody and Shilpa Shetty had THAT argument (Series 5, 2007)

4. When Perez Hilton put on a bizarre garden show (Series 15, 2015)

3. When Vanessa Feltz had a meltdown (Series 1, 2001)

2. When George Galloway pretended to be a cat (Series 4, 2006)

1. When Jackie Stallone entered the house and uttered those three words “Yeah, I’m Jackie!” (Series 3, 2005)

Celebrity Big Brother returns Tuesday 5th January at 9pm on Channel 5

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