celebrity big brother 17: top 10 most memorable moments

CBB 17

This year’s first edition of Celebrity Big Brother (there’ll be another one later in the year) is a serious contender for best series EVER. Right from the word go this series meant business. It saw the most celebrities ever enter the house and ran for 32 days, making it the longest ever series!

From the mix of housemates to the moment Tiffany thought David Gest had died, from Gemma Collins running around the garden with Tony the Pony to Megan McKenna’s MEGA Diary Room rant, this series really has been one to remember.

With SO MANY memorable moments to pick from, here are my top 10…

10. When Kristina Rihanoff announced she was pregnant! (Day 3)

I like Kristina, but she wasn’t exactly the most exciting housemate. She hardly entertained viewers, but she did decide to use Celebrity Big Brother to make a big announcement – that her and her partner Ben Cohen were expecting their first baby together.

9. When David Gest and Jeremy McConnell kissed (Day 7)


In the most bizarre day of this year’s CBB, one-minute the housemates were running around thinking David had died, the next he was snogging Jeremy who had dressed up as David’s ex-wife Liza Minnelli as part of a task. Move over the time George Galloway pretended to be a cat, I think we’ve found Celebrity Big Brother’s most awkward moment ever!

8. When Jeremy and Stephanie did/didn’t do the dirty (Day 24)


It could have been their last night in the house together (in fact, it was, as Jeremy was evicted the next day), so from the outside looking in, and indeed the housemates who were IN THE ROOM, we all thought that after weeks of flirting and kissing, Jeremy and Stephanie went one step further and had sex in the bedroom, making noises so loud that Gemma and Danniella had to leave the room laughing!

However, on Day 30 in a press conference with Vanessa Feltz, Stephanie was shocked that housemates thought they were having sex and swears blind that all they did was kiss. The jury’s out on that one!

7. When Gillian McKeith entered the house (Day 22)


Yep that’s right Gillian McKeith, the woman who loves nothing more than examining other people’s poo, entered the house on Day 22 as a “special guest” and had to pick the four most toxic housemates and give them a detox.

She chose Stephanie, Scotty T, Tiffany and John and the next day they each provided her with a sample of their stool and for some bizarre reason, CBB producers shout viewers would actually want to see these samples. Quite why, I’ll never understand!

No one provided a perfect sample, but Gillian did praise Scotty for producing the biggest stool, describing it as a “wonky pretzel”!

6. When Tiffany gave THAT birthday speech (Day 27)

As part of the task for ruining Gemma’s birthday, Tiffany had to stand up and make a speech about Gemma. There was one slight catch though, the speech had to be all about her and not about Gemma! Even if I do say so myself, she nailed it.

5. When Angie got angry and requested an Uber (Day 14)

I lost count of the number of times Angie asked to leave the house, but her best strop happened on Day 14 when she couldn’t get any sleep. She stormed into the Diary Room demanding to leave the house, asking Big Brother to “Get me a car, and let me get gone. If you wanna be cheap just get me an Uber.”

4. When Gemma Collins met Tony the Pony (Day 27)


For Gemma’s 35th birthday, the rest of her housemates were tasked with ruining her birthday. As a reward for passing the task, Gemma received a load of party treats including 15 minutes with Tony the Pony from Chigwell, Essex.

3. When Megan went IN on John Partridge (Day 10)

When Megan stormed into the bedroom kicking off about the cleaning, no one could have predicted the row that would erupt between her and John.

2. And then threw an ALMIGHTY rant in the Diary Room (Day 10)

Megan took the argument to the Diary Room, branding John a liar, Tiffany a “Ghetto c**t” and took her anger out on the camera in the Diary Room – so much so that she had to sleep in Big Brother’s spare bedroom away from the other housemates. The next day she returned to the house and received a formal warning.

1. When Tiffany thought David Gest had died (Day 7)

It was uncomfortable to watch for two reasons… one, David Bowie had sadly just passed away, and two, producers didn’t step in to stop the situation from getting worse. Which it did. In a nutshell, here’s what happened…

David Bowie’s ex-wife, Angie Bowie was one of the housemates in this series of Celebrity Big Brother and when David Bowie died, she was told of the news off camera and given the option to leave the house if she so wished.

She decided to stay, but sensing that something was up, Tiffany went over to speak to Angie who told her “You gotta do me a favour, you can’t say a word. David’s dead.” Jumping to conclusions, Tiffany immediately screamed thinking she meant fellow housemate David Gest who at the time was tucked in bed with a bedsheet over his head (seriously, you couldn’t write this), and had been ill.

Seeing Tiffany in such a state caused the other housemates to panic and believe her, and it wasn’t until Darren Day went into the bedroom and pulled back David’s bedsheets that housemates realised that David Gest hadn’t died, and it was left to John Partridge (who knew the truth) to say “It’s not my place to tell you this, there’s nothing to freak out about, Angie has had some news. She’s misunderstood the name, that’s all I’m gonna say. It’s the wrong David honey.”

Watch the unbelievable seven minute misunderstanding above!

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