corrie spoilers: 28 may – 3 june

Corrie Spoilers 22

Next week’s Coronation Street picks up where that dramatic week of episodes left off! Roy puts Cathy first, David begins to point fingers and Sarah confides in Todd… but does she let him get the wrong end of the stick?

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Here are 13 things that happen next week in Corrie…

1. Roy puts Cathy first

Roy presents Cathy with an engagement ring and announce their engagement to a delighted Fiz and Anna.


2. Sinead gets the wrong end of the stick

Sinead turns down Aidan’s offer of a last-minute modelling job, having promised to spend the day with Chesney who’s just back from Portugal.

Spotting Gemma in floods of tears over Callum, Chesney offers to lend her a hand at the kebab shop, postponing his day out with disappointed Sinead who’s miffed to find Chesney giggling with Gemma in the kebab shop, having successfully lifted her spirits.


3. David points the finger

Gail, David, Kylie, Max and Lily move into Carla’s vacated flat temporarily. Sarah’s jittery about the police investigation but David urges her to stick to their story. Gemma calls at the police station and informs DS Kerr she knows who killed Callum.

Marion blames David for Callum’s demise and slaps his face. Gail confides in a shocked Sarah who she suspects is the killer. The police arrive and begin making arrests.


As Kerr questions David about events prior to Callum’s disappearance, David coolly admits he’s glad Callum’s dead but didn’t kill him. Gail, Kylie and Sarah realise that the police consider David the prime suspect. But an under pressure David has the name of another of Callum’s enemies for them. Who does he name?


4. The Platts and Grimshaws go head to head

David fills in DS Kerr on Jason’s work on the garage conversion and his feud with Callum. The police arrive on the street and approach Jason. Kylie and Sarah are taken aback to realise that David put the police onto Jason.

At the station, Jason’s unnerved when DS Kerr points out that he had a strong motive for murder and the opportunity to dispose of the body.


On the street, Jason furiously accuses David of trying to implicate him to cover his own tracks. Gail and Eileen weigh in to defend their sons.


5. Sinead misreads the signals

In the Rovers, Sinead knocks back wine and vents her frustration over Chesney.

Aidan, working alone in the Underworld office after hours, is startled when drunken Sinead barges in, all dolled up ready for the modelling job he offered earlier. When Aidan explains she’s too late, Sinead bursts into tears. Aidan comforts tearful Sinead.

Touched, she leans in for a kiss but Aidan quickly pulls back. Horrified, Sinead flees in tears and Chesney finds her passed out drunk on the sofa at No.5.


6. Chesney’s rocked by Sinead’s indiscretion

Chesney apologises to Sinead for leaving her in the lurch yesterday. Riddled with guilt, Sinead tells him she was out drinking all night with Fiz.

At the factory, Sinead sheepishly apologises to Aidan for her clumsy pass. Eva clocks the exchange and pushes Aidan for an explanation. Chesney’s suspicious when Fiz lets slip that she wasn’t with Sinead all night.

As Aidan and Chesney make polite conversation in the Rovers, Eva can hold her tongue no longer and blurts out that Sinead made a play for Aidan. Chesney’s devastated.


7. Sarah looks like she’s seen a ghost

Jason accosts Sarah in the street, demanding to know what David’s playing at.


In the café, Todd gently suggests to Sarah that David’s trying to frame Jason to throw the police off his own trail.

Feeling the pressure, Sarah storms out and is aghast at the sight of a man that appears to be Callum. Todd corners Billy in the pub and fishes for information on Sarah. When Billy hints that Callum may have physically threatened Sarah, Todd surmises that David acted to save her. Billy refuses to indulge in such speculation.

Todd calls on Sarah to probe her about Callum but is thrown when Sarah asks if he believes in ghosts. Todd’s astonished when Sarah suddenly flips.

8. Gemma accuses Jason of murder

Jason enters the pub to find Gemma looking miserable. But when he approaches, she furiously accuses him of murder and throws her drink over him.


9. Amy’s staying put

The McDonalds are enjoying breakfast in the Rovers when Tracy barges in, intent on taking Amy back to No.1. Amy refuses and Tracy leaves, thwarted.

Steve tries to persuade Amy to forgive Tracy but to no avail. Michelle hatches a plan. When Michelle coaxes Amy into admitting that she does miss Tracy a little, Steve blunders in giving the game away. Amy’s furious.


10. Michelle buys Amy’s silence

Amy’s intrigued when Will knocks on the Rovers’ back door asking to see Michelle and Michelle is shocked to find Amy grilling Will about how they know each other. She quickly bundles Will out of the back door.

03_06_CORO_WILL_AMY_01 03_06_CORO_WILL_AMY_03

Amy’s suspicious and asks if Michelle is going to dump Steve for Will. Shocked Michelle denies it and assures Amy that she loves Steve. When Michelle suggests she should go back to Tracy, Amy insists that if she can’t stay at the Rovers, she’ll tell Steve about Will.

Will Michelle be blackmailed by Amy?


11. Norris hits the roof

Alastair loads the roof slates from No.3 onto a truck and promises Norris the new tiles will arrive shortly. But rather than pay Norris for the slates, he drives off, leaving Norris roofless.

Phelan gloats at Norris’s misfortune but offers to retile his roof at mates’ rates. Mary forces Norris to swallow his pride and accept.


12. Todd’s got a huge dilemma on his hands

It’s Bethany’s 16th birthday and Gail bans all talk of Callum for the day but yesterday’s scare continues to prey on Sarah’s mind. Callum still on her mind, Sarah’s spooked when Bethany receives a parcel from a secret admirer in the post.

Todd tells Jason he’s sure that Sarah’s hiding something about Callum’s death. Jason’s defeatist but Todd vows to get to the truth. Todd implores Sarah to confide in him and is baffled when Sarah lets slip that she saw Callum’s dead body.

Todd humours Sarah and promises to keep her confidence and asks who killed him. Todd’s eyes widen in shock as Sarah whispers her reply in his ear.


Sarah tells Todd that Callum attacked her and she’s to blame for his death. As she breaks down, Sarah’s oblivious that Todd believes she’s just confessed to murder. Todd tries to calm Sarah.

David’s alarmed to spot them talking and whisks Sarah away to Bethany’s party. Billy’s astounded when Todd reveals that Sarah killed Callum. Todd refuses to let Sarah be punished for her tormentor’s murder but can’t countenance Jason taking the rap either.

Feeling for him, Billy insists he must do the right thing. Todd doesn’t know what to do.

13. Zeedan still isn’t ready for sex

As their kiss gets steamy, Rana leads Zeedan towards the stairs but he irritably points out that she knows he doesn’t believe in sex before marriage.

Rana’s frustrated and Zeedan’s gutted when Rana decrees that by putting his beliefs above her feelings, he’s ending their relationship.


These scenes will air Monday 30th May (7:30pm & 8:30pm), Wednesday 1st June (7:30pm) and Friday 3rd June (7:30pm & 8:30pm) on ITV

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