what to watch: 4-10 july

What To Watch 040716

From a brand new feel-good drama on ITV, to a couple of great repeats and a celebrity version of First Dates, there is a lot of great telly to keep you entertained this week.

Here are seven shows you simply can’t miss…

1. The Royle Family | Monday 4th July – Wednesday 6th July, 9pm on Gold

The Royle Family S1

Following the very sad news over the weekend that the brilliant Caroline Aherne had died at the age of 52 from cancer, I found myself re-watching The Royle Family and reminding myself just how brilliant and groundbreaking the series was.

Thankfully you can always rely on Gold for a great comedy repeat and it just so happens that already in the schedules for this week were three episodes of The Royle Family. So sit back and relax and celebrate the life of Caroline Aherne with some of her best work.

RIP Caroline Aherne. She will be greatly missed and forever known as one of our finest comedy talents.

2. Brief Encounters | Monday 4th July, 9pm on ITV

A CPL production for ITV. Pictured:  This image is the copyright of ITV and must only be used in relation to Brief Encounters.

This week ITV are bringing feel-good back in a big way with Brief Encounters, a bold new six-part drama which is full of warmth, honesty and joy.

The series stars Penelope Wilton, Sophie Rundle, Angela Griffin and Sharon Rooney, as well as Peter Wight, Don Gilet, Karl Davies, Will Merrick and Ben Bailey Smith and many many more!

Right from the word go, the music, the outfits and the hair all let you know that you’re in for a good time. And whilst it is very much an ensemble drama, there’s no denying that there are four ladies at the forefront of it all; Pauline, Stephanie, Nita and Dawn.

With talk of “exotic underwear” and “dirty old men” and sex toys being described as “martial aids”, it’s safe to say this isn’t your average ITV drama!

Read my review here.


3. Murder In Successville | Wednesday 6th July, From 10am on BBC Three


The second series of the brilliant Murder In Successville continues this week and there’s been another murder in Successville.

This week D.I. Sleet is joined by George Shelley who takes on the role of his cop sidekick in a weird and wonderful world of improvised comedy.

Sleet and Shelley investigate a group of computer hackers called Incognito. One of the gang, Ed Sheeran, has been strangled to death in his den – but will this new murder investigation get in the way of something more important: Sleet’s ambition to launch a new app?

Forensics Officer Angela Merkel informs the pair that Sheeran had been snooping into some powerful people’s mainframes and clearly somebody didn’t like it…

Shelley is put through his paces as he and Sleet take techno-crime head on – and interview:

Shia LaBeouf – entrepreneur owner of Successville Technology Institute who appears very skittish. But what is he hiding? And is this the perfect place to pitch Sleet’s app?

Sarah Millican – If there is one place you shouldn’t hack into it’s Death Corp. An organisation that manufactures deadly military hardware. Millican is the big boss and appears unwilling to help the cop duo in their investigations – but why?

Jeremy Kyle – A wild and unpredictable city banker. But is he unhinged enough to kill? The detectives go undercover to discover the truth and also find investment for Sleet’s app.

After meeting all three suspects, it’s time for George to decide who killed Ed Sheeran. Sleet’s set up a fake Incognito press conference to lure in all three suspects. It’s time for George to catch a killer. Have you been paying attention? Did you spot enough clues to work out who the murderer was?

Read my interview with Tom Davis here.


4. Celebrity MasterChef | Wednesday 6th July & Friday 8th July, 8pm on BBC One

Celebrity Masterchef

As Celebrity MasterChef continues, actors Sid Owen and Tina Malone, champion Paralympic swimmer Liz Johnson, BBC Breakfast presenter Louise Minchin and TV personality Amy Childs take part in the third heat.

In the Mystery Box challenge, they must create a dish using ingredients based on an American diner theme. They are then thrown in at the deep end as they take part in lunchtime service at two busy London restaurants, cooking for the public.

Then it is back to HQ as the contestants prepare a two-course meal to convince the judges they deserve to retain their place in the competition.

Read my interview with Amy Childs here.

5/12 & 6/12

5. Boy Meets Girl | Wednesday 6th July, 10pm on BBC Two


Boy Meets Girl returns for a second series and this time around, Judy (Rebecca Root) and Leo (Harry Hepple) are still very much in love, committed to one another and making plans for a future together.

Their respective families are very supportive but cannot help sticking their noses in and causing a fair amount of chaos along the way.

Leo and Judy are living together happily at Peggy’s (Janine Duvitski) house, even if there’s not a lot of privacy to be had with Jackie in residence too.

However, when Leo receives an enticing job offer – at the same time that Peggy starts experiencing some worrying health issues – the couple’s relationship faces a major challenge and there are big questions to be resolved.

Anji is alarmed to find that the salon has issues with rats but Jackie turns the situation to her advantage when she hooks up with the pest controller.

Tony (Nigel Betts) cooks up a plan to use his redundancy money to start a new business venture and James (Jonny Dixon) has a surprising romantic encounter – and is even more surprised to find that he might, finally, be joining the workforce.

Read my interview with Rebecca Root here.


6. Murdered By My Boyfriend | Thursday 7th July, 9pm on W

My Man

First shown on BBC Three in 2014, Murdered By My Boyfriend went on to win Georgina Campbell a BAFTA for Leading Actress.

The one-off drama has been repeated several times, but now it’s the turn of UKTV’s W to repeat one of the most important dramas of recent times which, if you’re anything like me, will stick with you long after you’ve watched it.

Murdered By My Boyfriend tells the true story of what happens to a teenage girl when she falls in love with the wrong man. The everyday story of young love turns dark and sinister when the handsome and charming stranger seeks to dominate every aspect of the young woman’s life.

It’s a tale of contemporary Britain that every young person should watch. Even if you’ve already seen it, watch it again.


7. Celebrity First Dates | Friday 8th July, 9pm on Channel 4


This week the red carpet has been rolled out and the best silver polished to perfection, as the First Dates restaurant opens its doors to some Very Important Daters, with Fred and the team welcoming four celebrity diners who are bravely embarking on blind dates with unsuspecting members of the public, in the hope of finding love.

Since finding fame on reality series The Only Way Is Essex five years ago, Jess Wright has seen her love-life played out on screen. After a string of unsuitable suitors, she’s now looking for Mr Right.

Richard Blackwood may play bad boy Vincent in EastEnders, but he’s on his best behaviour in the First Dates restaurant.

Television legend Esther Rantzen is beloved by the nation, but she’s found life lonely since the death of her adored husband 15 years ago. She worries that her formidable reputation scares men off, and hopes that her date won’t ‘run a mile – it’s happened before!’

And finally, making his entrance in front of the home crowd at the Paralympics four years ago may have been nerve-wracking, but not as terrifying as entering the First Dates restaurant: table tennis silver medallist Will Bayley serves up some flowers to woo his date.

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