what to watch: 10-16 october


This week sees Channel 4’s brilliant National Treasure come to a dramatic end, The Missing returns to our screens with a new series and a new story and James Buckley stars in a brand new fantasy comedy for Dave.

Here are the 7 shows you have to watch this week…

1. Cold Feet | Monday 10th October, 9pm on ITV

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Convinced they’ve seen the back of Grant, Jenny raises the subject of Harry’s will again but Pete has no fight left in him. When Chloe announces that she no longer wants to call him Dad, it’s like a knife to his heart. Pete’s unsure as to what matters anymore.

Fancying herself as a bit of a property guru, Tina channels her inner Kirsty Allsop in the hope of finding Adam his dream home. After a series of viewings, Tina cuts through the estate agent’s flannel and views a house that is already under offer. Using her charm Adam’s offer is accepted. But is Tina really that keen to see Adam move out?

New to the freelance world, Karen is intrigued when a potential backer approaches her. The meeting with handsome young media entrepreneur, Justin goes better than expected as he agrees to invest with Karen as the major shareholder and Karen’s plan to go it alone pays off in more ways than one.

For most series, episode six would mark the end but luckily Cold Feet still has two more episodes left and hopefully at least one more series!


2. National Treasure | Tuesday 11th October, 9pm on Channel 4


This week sees Channel 4’s superb drama National Treasure, starring Robbie Coltrane and Julie Walters, come to an end.

In the final episode, Paul and his family arrive in court to face his accusers and await the verdict. Paul is desperate to take the stand, to put his side of the story; Jerome is dead against it.

Dee senses that Marie is wavering. Marie realises Karl might hold the key to an innocent or guilty verdict for Paul. Regardless of the jury’s decision, she knows she has a big decision to make about her marriage.

How will it all end? You’ll have to tune in to find out!


3. Asian Provocateur | Wednesday 12 October, BBC Three

Asian Provocateur series 2

Following a brilliant first series, Romesh Ranganathan is back travelling the world and once again he is on an odyssey to meet family members.

This time he is meeting his family who left Sri Lanka to settle in North America to see what his life could have been like had his parents not chosen Crawley. Unfortunately for him, this time his mum Shanthi is coming too.

It has always been Shanthi’s dream to visit the relatives across North America, and now it’s Romesh’s job to make her dream a reality.

They kick off their trip in Tampa, Florida, where they have arranged to meet Romesh’s cousin Pratheep, who has set up an all-American week. Romesh starts the trip as his means to go on, by trying to get rid of his mother at a Floridian retirement park, but Shanthi is having none of it.


4. Ripper Street | Wednesday 12th October, Amazon


Series 4 of Ripper Street only ended on BBC Two a few weeks ago but the fifth and final series launches this week on Amazon in its entirety.

Rather than one story per episode, the final series contains six episodes which make up one single story. Beginning right where series 4 finishes, it will follow our heroes as they try to come to terms with the dramatic events that have taken place and attempt to regroup in order to confront the most insidious enemy they have ever yet encountered.

This is a story about endings, but also about beginnings. An end of days narrative, but also one of origins. The series will return our heroes to a dark secret they all share and to a Whitechapel hauntingly terrorised by an all too familiar horror as another serial killer stalks its streets.

As episode one begins, it’s just days after the cruel murder of Bennet Drake and his friends Edmund Reid, Homer Jackson and Long Susan are drawn together to bring his killer, a new serial killer stalking Whitechapel’s streets, to justice.

They are hampered by one fact: they themselves are now hunted by the police for the extra-judicial killing of Long Susan’s father: Theodore Swift. Seeking our heroes with a dogged persistence is Assistant Commissioner Augustus Dove. He must do all he can to capture Reid before he is able to reveal the truth to the world: the serial killer is Dove’s brother… Nathaniel.

All 6 episodes

5The Missing | Wednesday 12th October, 9pm on BBC One


After a successful first series, The Missing returns this week with a brand new case, and it’s every bit as tense and gripping as the first.

It’s late 2014 and a young British woman stumbles through the streets of Eckhausen in Germany and collapses. Her name is Alice Webster and she was abducted from the same town 11 years ago.

Her return sends shock waves through the tight-knit local community, as her family are thrown into turmoil. As the search for the abductor gathers pace, Alice also appears to hold vital clues to the whereabouts of a second missing girl, Sophie Giroux, whose disappearance was investigated back in 2003 by French detective Julien Baptiste.

In present day, Alice’s parents Sam and Gemma are barely speaking, whilst Alice’s brother, Matthew, has become violent and withdrawn. Meanwhile Julien is in Iraq, following a clue that he believes is key to finding the person who abducted the girls.

Read my review here.


6. Zapped | Thursday 13th October, 9:40pm on Dave


James Buckley stars alongside Sharon Rooney, Louis Emerick, Kenneth Collard and Paul Kaye in Zapped, a brand new fantasy comedy for Dave.

Buckley plays Brian Weaver, an online data marketing assistant who finds himself abruptly transported to a parallel world, a place of bizarre creatures, magical forces and psychopathic fairies. He lands in the dead-end town of Munty. Fortunately, there’s a pub, The Jug & Other Jug.

This is where he meets the owner, Herman, a former warrior played by Emerick, plus a handful of regulars: Barbara, a hopeless soothsayer (Sharon Rooney), Steg, an armchair revolutionary (Ken Collard) and Howell, a brain-fried Wizard (Paul Kaye).

Brian is desperate to get home, and his new acquaintances are almost as clueless as he is. Instead, he finds himself being sucked into a world he doesn’t understand, ruled by the tyrannical Protector. It’s even worse than being an online data marketing assistant.

In the opening episode having accidently been transported to Munty by a magical amulet before he can used it to get home, Howell sells it to the local criminal mastermind, Slasher Morgan. In an attempt to secure both the money and the amulet, Brian persuades Howell to pursue an ingenious plan involving fairies and transformational magic.

It’s risky, especially as crossing Slasher Morgan usually involves eye-watering pain, but Brian has nothing to lose. Except the amulet obviously.


7. The Crystal Maze | Sunday 16th October, 9pm on Channel 4


Stephen Merchant welcomes a team of celebrities to this special edition of legendary game show The Crystal Maze, all in aid of Stand Up To Cancer.

Rio Ferdinand captains an all-star line-up featuring Michelle Keegan, Jonnie Peacock, Sara Cox, and Josh Widdicombe.

The team of five stars take on the Aztec, Medieval, Future and Industrial zones, attempting a variety of skill, mental, physical and mystery games. Each game could earn the team a crystal, with each crystal awarding the team crucial time for their ultimate challenge…The Crystal Dome.

Inside The Crystal Dome the team attempt to collect gold tokens, which will be converted to money in the hope of winning a huge cash prize for Stand Up To Cancer.


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