what to watch: 24-30 october


This week, the comeback series of Cold Feet finishes, Celebrity Haunted Hotel Live opens its doors on W and Humans returns on Channel 4.

Here are the 7 shows you have to watch this week…

1. Cold Feet | Monday 24th October, 9pm on ITV

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It’s a sad start to the week as the sensational comeback series of Cold Feet draws to an end but as ITV confirmed last week, the series WILL be returning for another 8 episodes next year.

In the final episode of series six, Tina organises an eventful surprise party for Adam, with a few of his friends and lots of hers. When Pete and Adam nip out on a booze run they find themselves staring death in the face. Pete’s not sure even Adam can talk his way out of this one.


2. Ordinary Lies | Tuesday 25th October, 9pm on BBC One

Ordinary Lies 2 Ep 1

The second episode of Ordinary Lies focuses on Holly, MD Jenna’s PA, played brilliantly by Kimberley Nixon. By the very nature of her job, she is always organised, in control of her life and of her surroundings, or so her colleagues think.

Holly’s insecurities and addiction to social media make her constantly feel that everyone around her is living a more exciting life than her own. After finding a note in her boyfriend Neil’s pocket, Holly convinces herself that he’s having second thoughts about their relationship. Desperately unhappy and anxious, she starts to reminisce about her old flame Adam Carver.

Discovering that Adam is newly single, Holly assumes a new online identity to try and win back his affection. But events soon spiral out of control, ending in tears and revelations.

Meanwhile, newly-divorced Ally is ecstatic when intern Ash asks her out on an official date. Is this the start of a true romance or is it all too good to be true?


3. The Great British Bake Off | Wednesday 26th October, 8pm on BBC One


It’s the end of The Great British Bake Off as we know and love it this week, as the series comes to an end on BBC One before its rather controversial move to Channel 4 with just Paul Hollywood and the tent staying with the programme.

But let’s focus on that precious hour we’ve still got with the dream team that is Mary Berry, Paul Hollywood, Mel and Sue. After weeks of being we now have our final three bakers, Andrew, Candice, and Jane.

They’ll each be hoping to follow in the footsteps of last year’s winner Nadiya and walk away as Bake Off champion 2016.

For the signature challenge, it’s a flashback to week six as each of the bakers have make meringues. For the technical challenge, Mary gives them a simple bak, but just one instruction to follow – who will buckle under the pressure?

And in true Bake Off tradition, day two sees the bakers each attempt the most complex showstopper ever, including the most requested bakes ever, and still only one oven.


4. The Fall | Thursday 27th October & Friday 28th October, 9pm on BBC Two


As The Fall comes to an end this week for good, BBC Two are showing the final two episodes on two consecutive nights. The series definitely got better but still isn’t to the standard of the first two series.

In the penultimate episode, Doctor Larson begins his assessment and Spector starts to open up about his past.

Meanwhile Spector’s legal team are determined to ensure that Spector never stands trial, causing Gibson’s conduct to come under further scrutiny. Following their lead in London, Anderson and Ferrington uncover someone with a link to Spector who could turn the whole case on its head. And Katie appears in court having breached her parole and attacked her friend.

In the thrilling finale, the battle between Gibson and Spector reach its terrifying and inexorable conclusion. As The Fall concludes, Gibson and Anderson put fresh evidence to Spector with explosive results.

Spector’s new-found friendship in the secure psychiatric facility develops, with devastating consequences. Gibson goes to see Katie, who is struggling with her incarceration.

5/6 & 6/6

5. The Young Pope | Thursday 27th October, 9pm on Sky Atlantic

The Young Pope

New Sky Atlantic drama The Young Pope tells the controversial story of the first American Pope.

Jude Law stars as the newly elected Pope Pius XIII. Born Lenny Belardo, this 10-part series follows his complex and conflicted struggle as he becomes the youngest pontiff in the history of the Catholic Church, and endeavours to establish his new papacy while dealing with the politics within the secretive world of the Vatican.

His radical ideas could change the Roman Catholic Church, but underlying many of his choices is an ancient sorrow and a tormented relationship with his faith.

The series begins with the two opening episodes back to back. In the opening instalment, Lenny is introduced to the key figures of the Church who will accompany his papacy, while he keeps his confidante, Sister Mary (Diane Keaton) close by his side.

As the series continues, key members of the Church grow concerned with the Pope’s initiatives which threaten to compromise the Vatican’s political standing; fears that are further compounded as Lenny makes his first, bewildering speech to the faithful gathered in St Peter’s Square.

1/10 & 2/10

6. Celebrity Haunted Hotel Live | Thursday 27th – Sunday 30th October, 9pm on W


Five nights. Three hosts. One haunted hotel. One live TV show and a host of famous faces.

Celebrity Haunted Hotel Live is a brand new entertainment show stripped over five nights combining hilarious celebrity sleepovers, terrifying tasks, gripping ghost stories and edge-of-seat paranormal investigations, all set within a village famous for its ghostly goings-on.

Christine Lampard and co-hosts Matt Richardson and Jamie East, check-in a new batch of celebrities nightly. Guests brave enough to stay in the ghost-ridden lodgings will be under the control of viewers.

Celebrities will be voted to take part in nail-biting and riotous live investigations, experiments and group events while exploring each episode’s gruesome ghost story theme.

Jamie will be updating live from the interactive hub, within the hotel grounds and there’ll be plenty going on to keep followers of @LiveOnW on social media happy.


7. Humans | Sunday 30th October, 9pm on Channel 4


The second series of Humans picks up several months after the events of the first series. I was lucky enough to attend the press screening and watch the first episode early and believe me, it’s just as good, if not better, than the first series.

Niska (Emily Berrington) is living as a fugitive in Berlin where an unexpected romantic encounter leads her to a huge decision with far reaching consequences. In the UK, Leo (Colin Morgan), Max (Ivanno Jeremiah) and Mia (Gemma Chan) are laying low in a coastal hideout while Mia works in a local cafe as ‘Anita’ to pay for their supplies and stay connected to the human world.

But their secret is placed in jeopardy as Mia develops feelings for her human boss, Ed (Sam Palladio). Leo and Max come to the aid of Hester (Sonya Cassidy), a very special Synth, but when a mysterious organisation begins to pursue them, there’s a tragic outcome.

The Hawkins family are struggling to put past events behind them as they settle into a new home. Laura (Katherine Parkinson) and Joe (Tom Goodman-Hill) work hard to repair their broken relationship through counselling. Things seem to be improving but when Joe is made redundant and replaced by a Synth at work a new strain is placed on them. Things are complicated further when a visitor arrives unannounced on their doorstep.

In San Francisco, Athena Morrow (Carrie-Anne Moss), a fiercely-driven scientist researching AI is recruited by charismatic Milo Khoury (Marshall Allman), the entrepreneurial force behind tech company Qualia, for a top-secret project to create conscious Synths for the mass market.


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