corrie spoilers: 5-11 november


Next week in Coronation Street, Kevin doesn’t hide his anger towards David, Yasmeen turns on Alya and Maria’s got nowhere to hide.

Here are 9 things that happen next week in Corrie…

1. Kevin’s angry at David

An upset Anna admits to Gary that she’s finished with Kevin as she doesn’t want him to be saddled with her injuries. Gary feels for her. Angry, Kevin tells David he’ll never forgive him for Anna’s injuries and he’d better watch his back – what could Kevin’s threats mean to David?

07_11_coro_kevin_david_01 07_11_coro_kevin_david_02 07_11_coro_kevin_david_03

2. Maria finds a friend in Eva

When Maria turns up for work, all her clients have cancelled now word has gone round she’s suspected of murder. Maria’s gutted and her day only gets worse when she wrongly accuses Tyrone and Michelle of bitching about her.

Michelle tries to explain but Maria lashes out, shoving Michelle’s stomach on the bar. Eva takes a tearful Maria home whilst Robert rushes to Michelle’s aid. Eva suggests Maria should come clean about her sham marriage before it makes her look even worse but will Maria listen?

Meanwhile someone lurks in Maria’s flat…

07_11_coro_maria_tyrone_01 07_11_coro_maria_tyrone_02 07_11_coro_maria_tyrone_03 07_11_coro_maria_tyrone_04 07_11_coro_maria_tyrone_05 07_11_coro_maria_tyrone_06

3. Yasmeen turns on Alya

After a sleepless night, Yasmeen confides in Zeedan that she wrongly thought she had a loving husband and an honourable granddaughter.

Zeedan’s outraged to see Sonia still hanging around and wants Sharif to send her packing. But he’s stymied when Dev reveals Sharif hasn’t turned in for work.

Zeedan finds a tearful Yasmeen clutching a letter from Sharif, announcing that he’s left for good.

07_11_coro_yasmeen_zeedan_01 07_11_coro_yasmeen_zeedan_02

4. Maria’s got nowhere to hide

Maria confesses to her sham marriage but insists she’s telling the truth about Caz.

Explaining there will be an investigation, the police let Maria go. At home Maria enters her flat with trepidation, her nerves shot. Beth, Kirk and Peanut call at Maria’s to put Maria’s mind at rest and Kirk checks round the flat, assuring her there’s nothing to worry about.

But alone is Maria in danger?

07_11_coro_maria_caz_camera_01 07_11_coro_maria_caz_camera_02

5. Is blood thicker than water for David?

David threatens to visit Anna in hospital so Gail offers to go instead, worried her son might come clean about his crash.

She takes Michael with her and whilst Gail heads off to fetch cups of tea, Michael shares his suspicions about Phelan with Anna, but will she listen?

Elsewhere, Gary confides in Alya he’s met someone special but someone overhears and threatens to put a spanner in the works…


6. Maria makes a terrifying discovery

Maria is horrified to realise Caz bought a laptop from a shop only yards from Pablo’s flat, proving she followed her to London.

Meanwhile, Kate rows with Aidan and Eva; she’s angry with them for taking Maria’s side. Determined to prove her innocence, Maria and Aidan search homeless centres in the hope of finding Caz, convinced she’s still alive, but things go from bad to worse when the police point out that the fact Caz knew about her illegal marriage gave Maria a motive to kill her.

After a futile search for Caz, Aidan and Maria return to the salon flat, their feelings for one another evident.

But as Maria opens her hairdressing bag, she’s horrified to find her scissors covered in blood. Terrified and helpless to the fact she is being set up, what will Maria do?


7.  Bethany’s dealt a crushing blow

Having set the table for a romantic dinner with Gary, Bethany pops out to buy some candles. Meanwhile Sarah heads over to Nick’s flat intent on an evening of peace and quiet.

Sarah lets herself in but is taken aback to see the table set for two and a meal in the oven. Gary arrives and together they assume Bethany must have set them up and has given them her blessing.

But with Bethany hurrying back to the flat with her finishing touches, what will she find?


8. Luke apologises to Tracy

Luke tries to buy Tracy a drink by way of an apology but when Robert warns him that she’s a head case, Tracy storms out.

Keen to patch things up with Tracy, will Luke ramp up the passion?

10_11_coro_luke_tracy_01 10_11_coro_luke_tracy_02 10_11_coro_luke_tracy_03

9. Phelan holds all the aces

In the Rovers Freddie suggests a game of rummy but soon finds himself railroaded into playing poker with Phelan and Vinny.

Unwilling to stand by and watch Phelan fleece Freddie, Michael pulls up a chair and joins the poker school. But when Michael wipes the floor with Phelan at poker, Phelan’s left fuming and determined to settle his score.

Has Michael just made a dangerous new enemy?

10_11_coro_michael_phelan_01 10_11_coro_michael_phelan_02 10_11_coro_michael_phelan_03 10_11_coro_michael_phelan_05

These scenes will air Monday 7th November (7:30pm & 8:30pm), Wednesday 9th November (7:30pm) and Thursday 10th November (8pm) on ITV

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