corrie spoilers: 12-18 november


Next week in Coronation Street, Maria gets arrested, two new members of the Barlow family arrive and Michael plans to topple Phelan.

Here are 13 things that happen next week in Corrie…

1. Gary forces Sarah to face the music

Gary admits to Sarah he’s falling in love with her.

Later, when Sarah tells Bethany how much it means to have her approval and Gary thanks Bethany for setting them up, Bethany fights back the tears.

Sarah later admits to Gary that she loves him too and finally reveals to him how David was on his way to kill Clayton when he crashed the car injuring Anna but what will Gary’s reaction be?

14_11_coro_gary_tina_01 14_11_coro_gary_tina_02 14_11_coro_gary_tina_03

2. The screw tightens on Maria

Stressed Aidan is worried someone might find the scissors as the bins have not been emptied but Eva reckons he’s panicking unnecessarily.

Later, Aidan receives a message purporting to be from Maria but when she denies sending the message, she and Aidan realise it’s actually from Caz – she must have overheard them talking the previous evening.

But that is the least of Maria’s worries when Johnny and Jenny begin to root through the factory bin looking for something… will they blow Maria’s secret wide open?

14_11_coro_johnny_jenny_01 14_11_coro_johnny_jenny_03 14_11_coro_johnny_jenny_04

3. Michael makes an alarming discovery

Michael apologises to Phelan and suggests they bury the hatchet.

Phelan reluctantly shakes his hand. Later, Michael lets himself into No.11 to retrieve his electric blanket cable and, unbeknown to Phelan, overhears him on the phone to Vinny.

Hellbent on proving Phelan is trying to fleece Eileen, will Michael get the evidence he so desperately needs?

14_11_coro_michael_phelan_01 14_11_coro_michael_phelan_02

Michael tells Anna about Phelan’s phone call and how he’s planning to do a runner to Mexico but Anna’s adamant she doesn’t want to get involved.

Michael confronts Phelan alone, telling him he won’t stand by and watch him make a fool out of Eileen. Rattled Phelan later shoves his Mexico ticket in his rucksack but when Eileen picks up his bag from the sofa, Phelan snaps, leaving Eileen’s suspicions piqued, is she on to something?

4. Maria falls on her sword

Eva, Kirk and Jenny look on as Johnny hands over the bloodied scissors to the police.

Terrified, Aidan explains to a shocked Johnny that he’s now an accessory to murder as he hid the scissors in the bin. The police arrest Maria on suspicion of murder as Aidan and Kirk watch, horrified.

Aidan worries as it looks like the walls are closing in on Maria, how is she going to get out of this one?

14_11_coro_maria_arrested_01 14_11_coro_maria_arrested_02 14_11_coro_maria_arrested_03 14_11_coro_maria_arrested_04 14_11_coro_maria_arrested_05 14_11_coro_maria_arrested_06

Kirk tearfully reveals that Maria’s been charged with murder. Aidan’s gutted that he’s made things worse for her by failing to dispose of the scissors.

5. Gary rages at David

Gary’s furious to realise Anna is scarred for life and David is to blame.

Gary storms into the salon and rails at David, telling him Anna can barely walk because of him. Sarah tries to defend David but Gary sees red and punches him, sending him flying. Who will Sarah side with?

14_11_coro_david_gary_01 14_11_coro_david_gary_02 14_11_coro_david_gary_03 14_11_coro_david_gary_04 14_11_coro_david_gary_05 14_11_coro_david_gary_06

To explain David’s black eye, Sarah admits to Gail she’s seeing Gary and he knows the truth about the crash. Gail thinks it’s a recipe for disaster.

Meanwhile, Gary refuses to put Sarah’s mind at rest over David, needing more time to think. Will Gary be willing to keep David’s secret for the price of his relationship?

6. Craig gets on the wrong side of Seb

When Craig tells Seb not to involve Faye with his knock-off gear, cocky Seb laughs in his face before canceling his date with Faye, telling her how Craig threatened him.

Could this drive a wedge through Faye and Craig’s friendship?

14_11_coro_craig_seb_faye_01 14_11_coro_craig_seb_faye_02 14_11_coro_craig_seb_faye_04

7. Adam and Daniel make an impression

A flashy new Jaguar sweeps onto Coronation Street and parks outside Underworld.

Adam Barlow steps out, strolls into the factory office and helps himself to some whisky. Arriving back from a meeting, outraged Johnny and Aidan order him to leave whilst Tracy’s impressed by Adam’s car as he drives her and Peter to visit Ken.

However, Adam, Peter and Tracy are thwarted at the hospital when Ken’s nurse insists he still doesn’t want to see them. Patience snapping, Tracy bursts into Ken’s room followed by Adam and Peter.

They are taken aback to find a bespectacled young man reading to Ken and even more stunned when he introduces himself as Daniel, Ken’s son.

16_11_coro_adam_arrive_01 16_11_coro_adam_arrive_0216_11_coro_adam_johnyy_aidan_0116_11_coro_adam_johnyy_aidan_0216_11_coro_adam_johnyy_aidan_0316_11_coro_ken_daniel_0116_11_coro_ken_daniel_0216_11_coro_ken_daniel_0316_11_coro_ken_daniel_05

8. Eileen stumbles upon Phelan’s secret

Phelan apologises to Eileen for snapping but she’s still troubled by his secrecy. After visiting the development, Michael informs Eileen that the site’s deserted. He relays Phelan’s phone conversation and how he mentioned going to Mexico.

Meanwhile, challenged by Seb to prove she’s not a killjoy like Craig, Faye steals Phelan’s mobile in the café. Elsewhere Eileen tackles Phelan about his secret plotting, and although rattled, Phelan is lucky that Eileen catches Tim eavesdropping and he uses the diversion to slip away.

Michael’s mind whirs when Tim divulges that Eileen confronted Phelan earlier. Phelan joins Eileen in the Rovers where Michael, unable to hold his tongue, accuses him of hiding something in his rucksack.

With all eyes on Phelan, what trick does he have up his sleeve to escape this conundrum?

16_11_coro_phelan_michael_01 16_11_coro_phelan_michael_02 16_11_coro_phelan_michael_05 16_11_coro_phelan_michael_06

9. The Barlows get to know each other

Ken thanks Adam for making the journey while Daniel explains he got Peter’s messages so came to see Ken and started reading to him.

At first, Tracy resents his presence but Ken makes it clear that Daniel’s family. Ken’s doctor reveals his condition has improved enough for him to recuperate at home and Daniel’s touched when Peter invites him to join the Barlows for dinner.

Later, Adam and Daniel join Tracy, Amy, Peter and Simon for a meal in the Bistro. As they discuss sharing Ken’s care at home, Daniel and Adam agree to stick around as long as necessary. Adam’s underwhelmed by the Bistro and when Tracy points out Robert, her cheating ex, Adam’s hackles rise.

As ravenous Daniel wolfs down every last scrap on his plate, Adam summons Robert and complains about his steak. Tracy’s delighted as the two men square up, but what other tricks does Adam have up his sleeve?

17_11_coro_barlows_bistro_01 17_11_coro_barlows_bistro_02 17_11_coro_barlows_bistro_03 17_11_coro_barlows_bistro_04 17_11_coro_barlows_bistro_05 17_11_coro_barlows_bistro_07 17_11_coro_barlows_bistro_09 17_11_coro_barlows_bistro_10 17_11_coro_barlows_bistro_11 17_11_coro_barlows_bistro_12

Daniel shows Tracy and Adam the rota he’s drawn up for Ken’s care but Adam’s unimpressed.

Elsewhere Brian visits the bistro and introducing himself as the Environmental Health Officer, explains he’s had a complaint from a customer.

After devouring a free meal, Brian assures Robert he’ll be taking no further action but Robert’s furious. Who reported him?

Peter, Tracy, Daniel and Adam help a frail Ken into No.1. When Tracy suggests a night on the town, Luke’s pleased.

However as they’re about to set off Tracy spots a dodgy looking bloke peering through the window of No.1 and cancels their date. When she later finds the same bloke rooting through their bin in the ginnel she goes to confront him but he legs it.

Tracy describes the two incidents to Peter who is clearly unsettled.

10. Michael plans to topple Phelan

Michael’s furious at being outwitted by Phelan yet again and Vinny’s amazed. Quietly, Vinny explains he’s left messages but Phelan reveals he’s mislaid his mobile. Michael urges Sarah and Gary to visit the site and check on progress whilst Todd secretly panics.

Todd warns Phelan and Vinny that the flat buyers want to visit the site so Phelan suggests they offer an open day to buy some time. As Michael watches on, suspecting Todd of being in league with Phelan, Eileen thanks Phelan for making her feel so happy.

Phelan feels a pang of guilt, while Michael eyeballs him with contempt.

Meanwhile, Faye’s caught out when Phelan’s mobile rings in her bag. Anna’s angry to discover she’s been stealing and sends her to bed before listening to the phone’s voicemail…

17_11_coro_faye_anna_01 17_11_coro_faye_anna_02 17_11_coro_faye_anna_03 17_11_coro_faye_anna_04

11. Michael cracks the case

Anna tells Michael about the message on Phelan’s phone confirming the scam and the pair come up with a plan. Michael breaks into the building site but he’s taken aback when a delivery man calls with a consignment of tiles.

Meanwhile, Anna attempts to keep Phelan away from the site by summoning him to her flat and offering him £2k to leave Weatherfield. Telling Anna to stick her paltry offer Phelan turns to go but as he does he hears his mobile ringing. Anna makes out that Faye found it in the cafe but she’s forced to hand it over.

Phelan takes the call and discovers that a man fitting Michael’s description has taken delivery of tiles at the site. Grim faced Phelan sets off whilst Anna tries to warn Michael. As Michael rifles through Phelan’s papers in the site office, he’s thrilled to come across the fake passport and ticket to Mexico but his delight is short lived as he looks up to see Phelan approaching menacingly.

18_11_coro_phelan_anna_0118_11_coro_phelan_anna_0218_11_coro_phelan_anna_0318_11_coro_phelan_anna_0418_11_coro_michael_site_01 18_11_coro_michael_site_02 18_11_coro_michael_site_03 18_11_coro_michael_site_04

12. Michael’s in grave danger

Clutching the fake passport and ticket, Michael tells Phelan the game’s up.

As Phelan approaches Michael menacingly it’s clear he’s dicing with death. Sensing he’s in danger Michael hurls a chair at Phelan, knocking him to the ground. Seizing the opportunity to escape, Michael makes a run for it.

Will he escape with the evidence to bring Phelan down or has Phelan got one last throw of the dice?

Meanwhile at the Platts an agitated Anna arrives demanding a quiet word with Gary, explaining that Michael is in danger as Phelan followed him to the building site. Gary sets off to rescue Michael as Gail anxiously tries his mobile again.


13. A familiar face returns to find Roy a changed man

When Brian arrives in the café, Roy’s thrilled to see his old friend.

Brian tells Roy about his break up from Julie, his change of career to Environmental Health Officer and how he’s about embark on yet another new job at the council as their Recycling Czar.

Roy introduces Brian to Cathy but when Cathy talks excitedly about their forthcoming wedding, how will Roy cover hisdiscomfort?

18_11_coro_roy_brian_01 18_11_coro_roy_brian_02 18_11_coro_roy_brian_03 18_11_coro_roy_brian_04 18_11_coro_roy_brian_05

In an effort to appear keen, Roy sets about making wedding plans with Cathy but it’s clear he’s out of his depth. When Cathy enlists the help of Michelle, Roy’s put out.

These scenes will air Monday 14th November (7:30pm & 8:30pm), Wednesday 16th November (7:30pm), Thursday 17th November (8pm) and Friday 18th November (7:30pm & 8:30pm) on ITV

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