corrie spoilers: 17-30 december


Coming up in Coronation Street, Bethany has a dramatic Christmas, Aidan has to choose between Eva, and Mary and Leanne both have a visitor just in time for Christmas.

Here are 24 things that happen in the last two weeks of 2016 in Corrie…

1. Bethany prepares to make her move

When Gary confirms that he’s booked them a hotel for after the gig as a treat, Sarah’s thrilled whilst Bethany hides her jealousy, dreading the evening ahead.

Having discovered that Harry’s got a temperature, a disappointed Sarah tells Gary that he’ll have to take Bethany and Faye to the gig on his own. After downing some vodka, Bethany lets herself into Gary’s hotel room and makes out she’s struggling to do up her zip.

Oblivious to Bethany’s ulterior motives, Gary’s happy to help. With Harry having recovered, Sarah leaves him with Gail and heads off to Leeds after Gary and Bethany, hopeful she’ll still be in time for the gig.

19_12_coro_bethany_gary_01 19_12_coro_bethany_gary_02 19_12_coro_bethany_gary_03 19_12_coro_bethany_gary_04

2. David loses precious photos

David confides in Gail that some woman stole his wallet, he’s not bothered about the cash but it contained several photos of Kylie.

David returns to the club and confronts Shona over the wallet but she denies all knowledge leaving David frustrated.

Later, Shona retrieves David’s wallet from a bin and studies the photo of Kylie.

19_12_coro_david_shona_01 19_12_coro_david_shona_02

3. Andy sinks to new lows

As Andy continues to sweat he’s forced to come up with a plan to avoid being landed in it with the police. Andy needs money as he desperately tries to avoid the police learning about his attack on Phelan.

Noting the extra tablets Steph has accidentally ordered to the bistro, Andy comes up with a plan.

Hating himself Andy checks there’s no one about before letting himself into the bistro and stealing the box of tablet computers.

19_12_coro_andy_bistro_01 19_12_coro_andy_bistro_02 19_12_coro_andy_bistro_03 19_12_coro_andy_bistro_04

4. Bethany has to contain Faye

When Faye lets herself into Gary’s hotel room she’s horrified to see Bethany draped seductively across his bed… Gary enters, oblivious to the tension and a desperately embarrassed Bethany. Under pressure, Bethany is forced to admit she was planning to make a move on Gary. Faye’s appalled.

Handing Faye the hip flask full of vodka, Bethany attempts to buy her silence.

Bethany and Faye join Gary for dinner in the hotel bar. Faye enjoys winding Bethany up and tells Gary how Bethany’s fallen for a bloke twice her age. Gary’s shocked and berates Faye who storms off (and gets drunk) whilst Bethany squirms. Alone with Bethany, Gary quizzes her about her crush, wanting to know who the older bloke is.

Will Bethany confess all?

19_12_coro_gary_bethany_faye_01 19_12_coro_gary_bethany_faye_02 19_12_coro_gary_bethany_faye_03 19_12_coro_gary_bethany_faye_04

5. Maria presses self-destruct

When Maria admits Liam’s fed up of being stuck in the flat with her, Kirk offers to run him to the school disco and Maria’s grateful.

Finding Maria alone in the Rovers, Adam joins her as Aidan watches jealously. Drunken Maria later begs Aidan to stay the night with her, telling him she doesn’t want to be alone.

Will Aidan agree?

19_12_coro_maria_aidan_01 19_12_coro_maria_aidan_02

6. Mary is mortified

When Michelle unwittingly plays Norris’ video, asking for help finding Mary’s son, Rita, Audrey, and Erica listen open mouthed. Mary runs from the pub mortified.

Norris explains he was only trying to help, will Mary accept this?

19_12_coro_mary_norris_01 19_12_coro_mary_norris_02 19_12_coro_mary_norris_03

7. There’s bad news for Steph

Having discovered the burglary, Robert suspends Steph, pointing out there’s no sign of a break-in and it was her job to lock up.

An upset Steph tells Andy she’s thinking of handing in her notice as she can’t be trusted. Andy’s consumed with guilt.

21_12_coro_bistro_robbed_01 21_12_coro_bistro_robbed_02 21_12_coro_bistro_robbed_03 21_12_coro_bistro_robbed_04 21_12_coro_bistro_robbed_05

8. Aidan gives in to his feelings

Kirk calls at the salon flat and is unimpressed to find Maria hungover and Adam in a state of undress after spending the night. Maria snuggles down to watch TV with Liam but in her hungover state she falls asleep.

Meanwhile Liam heads to the kitchen where he switches on a gas ring. Kirk returns to the flat and immediately notices the smell of gas. He quickly orders Liam out and then follows, carrying a groggy Maria.

In the Rovers, Kirk tears a strip off Adam, blaming him for plying Maria with drink. When Adam makes a disparaging remark about Maria, Aidan loses it and punches Adam in the face.

As Maria arrives at the pub, she spots Aidan clutching his hand. Beth explains he was defending her honour. Touched, Maria takes Aidan back to her flat.

As Aidan gazes into Maria’s eyes he admits he’s fallen in love with her, will Maria reciprocate?

21_12_coro_maria_kirk_0121_12_coro_maria_kirk_0221_12_coro_rovers_fight_0121_12_coro_rovers_fight_0221_12_coro_rovers_fight_0321_12_coro_rovers_fight_0421_12_coro_rovers_fight_0521_12_coro_rovers_fight_0621_12_coro_rovers_fight_0721_12_coro_maria_aidan_01 21_12_coro_maria_aidan_02 21_12_coro_maria_aidan_03

9. Aidan has a choice to make

When Eva wonders why Aidan was so late home, he lies, making out he spent the night in the factory catching up on paperwork. Aidan, Beth, Craig, Eva, Jenny, Kate, Michelle and Steve gather at Maria’s flat, determined to celebrate Christmas with her before her court appearance.

When Eva finds out how Aidan punched Adam out of allegiance to Maria, she’s proud of him and Aidan feels terrible.

Extracating himself from the party, Aidan heads to the factory where he texts Maria to join him. Promising Maria that he’s going to finish with Eva, Aidan and Maria kiss passionately, unaware of Johnny watching them.

Is the game up?

23_12_coro_eva_maria_aidan_0123_12_coro_eva_maria_aidan_0223_12_coro_eva_maria_aidan_0423_12_coro_eva_maria_aidan_0523_12_coro_aidan_maria_johnny_01 23_12_coro_aidan_maria_johnny_02 23_12_coro_aidan_maria_johnny_03 23_12_coro_aidan_maria_johnny_04

10. Maria faces her worst fears

Aidan admits to Johnny he’s in love with Maria. Johnny warns him that Maria’s a nightmare compared to Eva who worships the ground he walks on.

Maria returns home to find Eva has worked her socks off preparing dinner for everybody. Masking her guilt, Maria thanks her.

A tearful Maria explains to Liam that she might be going away for a while but she loves him very much. When Eva confides in Aidan how worried she is about Maria, will Aidan be able to bring himself to tell her his guilty secret and break her heart.

Meanwhile Maria heads to court…will she be spending Christmas behind bars?

23_12_coro_maria_court_01 23_12_coro_maria_court_02 23_12_coro_maria_court_03

11. Nick shoot himself in the foot

The Barlows gather at No.1 for an early Christmas. When Peter furtively removes a present from under the tree and stuffs it in a drawer, Nick’s intrigued.

Simon’s underwhelmed with his present from Peter, a console game he’s already played. But when Nick presents him with a drone, Simon’s ecstatic.

As Leanne rails at Nick for trying to upstage Peter, Peter slips out of No.1 and surreptitiously books a hotel room, who is his mystery woman?

23_12_coro_simon-presents_01 23_12_coro_simon-presents_02 23_12_coro_simon-presents_03 23_12_coro_simon-presents_04 23_12_coro_simon-presents_05 23_12_coro_simon-presents_06 23_12_coro_simon-presents_07 23_12_coro_simon-presents_08

12. Nick and Peter want the same thing

As the Barlows settle down to a board game, a sheepish Nick returns and apologises to Peter for his earlier behaviour.

Leanne’s pleased but as she and Peter reminisce about their shared love of Bros, Nick feels left out. Whilst nobody’s around, Nick pulls out the present which Peter stuffed in a drawer.

He’s gutted to see it’s a Bros tape labelled “to the love of my life”. Is Peter planning to make a move on Leanne?

23_12_coro_nick_tape_01 23_12_coro_nick_tape_02 23_12_coro_nick_tape_03

13. Bethany’s secret is exposed

Gary, Anna and Faye join the Platts as they open presents. Bethany’s thrilled with her smart watch, but she’s snappy towards Gary and Sarah’s embarrassed by her behaviour.

Bethany assures Faye she no longer fancies Gary. However when Sarah reads a text on Bethany’s phone from Faye telling her she’s glad she’s over her crush on Gary, Sarah’s stunned whilst Bethany’s mortified.

As Sarah explains to a shocked Gary that Bethany’s been carrying a torch for him, they realise with horror that she’s gone missing.

After swallowing a ruck of diet pills, Bethany collapses in the ginnel. Watching events unfold Nathan (Shona’s ex) finds Bethany and picks her up.


14. Mary gets a visitor on Christmas Day

Norris makes peace with Mary and insists she joins himself Roy and Brian for Christmas dinner in the café.

But as they sit down to eat they’re interrupted by the arrival of a young man who introduces himself as Mary’s son, Jude.

25_12_coro_mary_jude_01 25_12_coro_mary_jude_02 25_12_coro_mary_jude_03 25_12_coro_mary_jude_04

15. Nick and Peter’s ding dong is far from Merry

As Nick and Leanne exchange gifts, they’re taken aback when Toyah pulls up in her car and announces Christmas is off.

With dinner in Liverpool cancelled, Ken insists that Nick, Leanne and Simon join them at No.1. Nick does his best to paint on a smile whilst Peter’s delighted to have Christmas with his son. Toyah admits to Leanne that her marriage is over and she’s been having an affair.

Meanwhile when Nick spots Peter heading out he’s immediately suspicious. Realising the Bros tape is missing from the drawer, Nick confronts Peter, convinced he’s after Leanne. Nick punches Peter and the two men are soon brawling in the street.

Nick grabs the Bros tape from Peter’s pocket and thrusts it at Leanne ordering her to open it. Leanne’s horrified as she reads the message. What is Peter’s game?


16. Billy brings home a waif and stray

Aware that Billy’s missing Christmas at the church, Todd insists he should attend the service with the new vicar.

Having enjoyed the service will it rekindle Billy’s passion for his calling? Meanwhile as Billy’s about to leave he comes across Shona drinking wine in the vestry. Shona admits she’s fallen out with Nathan, her ex and she’s homeless.

Billy insists she comes back to No.11 with him. Unbeknown to them, Nathan watches on. What trouble is Billy bringing to the street?

25_12_coro_shona_grimshaws_01 25_12_coro_shona_grimshaws_02 25_12_coro_shona_grimshaws_03 25_12_coro_shona_grimshaws_04 25_12_coro_shona_grimshaws_05

17. Bethany moves out of the frying pan and into the fire

Bethany wakes up to find herself in hospital. Sarah explains how she collapsed in the ginnel after swallowing a load of diet pills.

Having returned home, Bethany confesses to Sarah how she fell in love with Gary and is totally ashamed. Sarah’s heart breaks for her troubled daughter. Putting her own feelings aside, Sarah tells Gary they are finished as she has to put Bethany first. Will Gary accept this?

Meanwhile Bethany discovers a guy called Nathan, who works at a tanning salon nearby, saved her life. Having tracked him down, Bethany thanks Nathan who puts his number into her phone, insisting she can call him any time.

25_12_coro_gary_sarah_01 25_12_coro_gary_sarah_02 25_12_coro_gary_sarah_03 25_12_coro_gary_sarah_04 26_12_coro_bethany_nathan_01 26_12_coro_bethany_nathan_02 26_12_coro_bethany_nathan_0326_12_coro_bethany_nathan_04

18. Mary might not be home for next Christmas

Jude shows Mary a photo of himself as a baby and assures her he had a happy childhood. Mary’s deeply moved.

Having summoned Norris, Mary plucks up the courage to tell Jude about his father but will she be able to bring herself to reveal the truth?

When Jude suggests that she should move to South Africa and live with he and his wife, Mary’s stunned. How will she reply?

26_12_coro_jude_mary_01 26_12_coro_jude_mary_02 26_12_coro_jude_mary_03 26_12_coro_jude_mary_04 26_12_coro_jude_mary_05

19. Peter’s secret is outed by a spy in the sky

Loved up after his night in the hotel, Peter’s aware that today’s the day he must break the news of his relationship to the street.

Meanwhile Toyah calls at Nick’s flat but she’s taken aback to find her husband Toby there. Suggesting they need to talk, Leanne makes herself scarce. Toby begs Toyah to give their marriage another chance and try for a baby again, but Toyah’s adamant it’s over between them.

With Toby gone Leanne reveals she’s been struck with a terrible headache, Toyah calls the hospital.

26_12_coro_toyah_toby_0126_12_coro_toyah_toby_0226_12_coro_toyah_toby_0326_12_coro_toyah_toby_0426_12_coro_toyah_toby_0526_12_coro_toyah_toby_0626_12_coro_toyah_leanne_ill_0126_12_coro_toyah_leanne_ill_0426_12_coro_toyah_leanne_ill_0326_12_coro_toyah_leanne_ill_0225_12_coro_nick_leanne_hospital_01 25_12_coro_nick_leanne_hospital_02

20. It’s decision time for Mary

When Jude calls in the Kabin, Norris quizzes him closely and makes it clear he’s to look after Mary properly in South Africa as she’s a dear friend.

As Mary, Dev and the twins share an emotional farewell, Mary secretly starts to wonder if she’s doing the right thing. Mary’s friends gather in the Rovers to wish her well.

But is Mary getting cold feet about the whole thing?

30_12_coro_mary_rovers_01 30_12_coro_mary_rovers_02 30_12_coro_mary_rovers_03

21. Is Peter busted?

Clearly hurt, Simon tells Peter he saw him kissing his new girlfriend and realises she’s the reason for his return, not him. Peter’s shocked.

30_12_coro_simon_peter_01 30_12_coro_simon_peter_02 30_12_coro_simon_peter_03

22. Johnny makes a suggestion

When Jenny moans to Johnny about how difficult she’s finding it living with Gemma, Johnny suggests she moves in with him.

Will Jenny agree?

30_12_coro_johnny_jenny_01 30_12_coro_johnny_jenny_02

23. Anna has a new year from hell

When Seb calls at No.13 and invites Faye to his family’s New Year’s Eve party, Anna reluctantly lets her go.

Without Faye and Gary, and Kevin out on a breakdown, Anna is alone with Jack when she tumbles down the stairs in the dark and lies unconscious in the hallway.

Unable to wake her, frightened Jack lets himself out. In the Rovers, the regulars count down to midnight as Jack stands alone on the street, clearly scared. Will anyone come to Anna’s rescue?

30_12_coro_anna_fall_01 30_12_coro_anna_fall_02 30_12_coro_anna_fall_03

24. Andy slips away

Andy’s scared witless as he questions his future on the street.

Desperate to get away, Andy phones a mate in Newcastle and asks him if he can crash on his floor. Whilst Steph, Tracy and Luke celebrate New Year in the bistro, Andy slips out.

Will he make his getaway?

30_12_coro_steph_bistro_01 30_12_coro_steph_bistro_02 30_12_coro_steph_bistro_03

These scenes will air Monday 19th December (7:30pm & 8:30pm), Wednesday 21st December (7:30pm), Friday 23rd December (7:30pm), Christmas Eve, Christmas Day (1 hour), Boxing Day and Friday 30th December on ITV

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