Emmerdale SPOILERS: 14-20 January

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Next week in Emmerdale, Nicola finds out the truth about the fire, Finn tries to win Kasim back and Chas meets DS Wise again.

Here are 6 spoiler teasers for next week’s Emmerdale

1. Has Bob slept with Charity?

When Chas finds Bob in the Woolpack back room she thinks him and Charity spent the night together and can’t help letting everyone know the news.

How long will it be before the whole village and Brenda find out? And has she got the wrong end of the stick?

2. Will Nicola go to the police?

Determined to find out about the insurance money, Nicola confronts Rakesh and Priya when she sees them even suggesting Rakesh started the fire.

Nicola’s shocked when Ronnie goes to see her and tells her Rakesh started the fire deliberately, but will she go straight to the police?



3. Will Finn win Kasim back?

When Kasim calls wanting to take Finn and Nathan for a drink, Finn’s worried but agrees. Tracy despairs as Finn offers Nathan cash to go on a date with him in the hope of winning Kasim back.

Will Finn’s plan come off?


4. Is it all over for Robron?

Aaron’s irritated at how much time Robert’s spending on the business plan for Rebecca. Worried about him, Chas warns him about being jealous and suggests he talk to Robert about his insecurities.

Confessing to Finn that he and Robert are getting married in Vegas, Aaron is put out when Jimmy tells him Robert’s been out with Rebecca all morning.

When Aaron appears, Robert lays into him over his jealousy and the pair argue. Is this just a lovers tiff or something more serious?

5. What do the police want?

As Robert and Aaron hold crisis talks about their relationship, they are interrupted when the police knock on the door. But what do they want?


6. Is Paddy right to be jealous?

Chas is upset and fragile and Paddy is shocked to see her seek comfort in her ex DS Wise.

Disconcerted at the thought of Paddy losing Chas to DS Wise, Pierce is determined to let nothing stand between Paddy and Chas but how far will he go?

These scenes will air Monday-Friday at 7pm and Thursday at 8pm on ITV