Emmerdale SPOILERS: 21-27 January

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Next week in Emmerdale, Laurel struggles at home with Gabby and Ashley, Rhona and Pierce are divided and Debbie’s back but on the run!

Here are 6 spoiler teasers for next week’s Emmerdale

1. Is Laurel about to give up on Ashley?

With Gabby looking after Dotty, Laurel is left looking after Ashley after his carer calls in sick. United in their shared grief, Laurel and Gabby hug after Gabby admits that she doesn’t want Ashley to go.

Concerned about Ashley, Doug believes it’s time to look for a care home for Ashley, yet Laurel explains she’s too tired to even think about it. Doug offers for him and Diane to swap with her, which Laurel accept admitting it’s a weight off her shoulders.

We later learn that Doug and Diane are struggling with Ashley, but they decide keep the truth from Laurel, who returns home and realises the truth of the situation and makes a heartbreaking decision.

2. Will Cain help Debbie?

On the run with her two kids, Debbie spots the police whilst at a service station and is forced to drive on.

Running out of petrol, Debbie reluctantly accepts a lift from an eccentric motorist.

Before long, Debbie returns but she’s in hot water and needs help. Will Cain help her get out of this scrape?

3. How will Pierce react to Rhona’s fantasy one-night stand?

Rhona feels pressured to stay in with Pierce who is frustrated by her rejection

During a jovial game of truth or dare Pierce is hurt when Rhona admits her fantasy one-night stand is Cain.

Back home, Pierce makes Rhona feel guilty and after a misguided approach she is left unsettled and he feels hurt.

4. Will Zak listen to Ronnie?

Desperate to get back with Lisa, Ronnie gives Zak advice about Lisa, explaining she just needs time. But will he listen?


5. Will Zak agree to a divorce?

After Lisa hugs Zak reassuringly, Zak is shocked when Lisa rejects his advances for another hug. Calling him selfish, Sam suggests Zak should get a divorce from Joanie. But will he oblige?

6.Will Debbie agree to rekindle things with Ross?

Cain tells Ross to stay away from Debbie and gives him an incentive by threatening him and giving him money.

Outside the garage Debbie opens up to Ross where he admits that he still loves her. Will Debbie agree to rekindle things?

These scenes will air Monday 23rd – Friday 27th at 7pm (Hour long episode on Tuesday)