Corrie SPOILERS: 28 January – 3 February

NEW Corrie 5

Next week in Coronation Street, Peter is reminiscent of his former self, Jenny gets carried away and Leanne finds out the truth about Toyah’s mystery man.

Here are 6 spoiler teasers for next week’s Corrie

1. Will Todd help Adam?

Ken explains Adam that he has to put his children first and as he heads off, Adam throws him a look of contempt which Todd clocks.

In the Rovers, Adam reveals his plans to set up his own legal firm and make some serious money. Todd says he’d be interested in coming in with him.

Drunk, Adam confides in Todd how he wants revenge on Ken who’s punishing him for being Mike Baldwin’s son.


2. Will Toyah give Toby another chance?

Toyah is devastated when Peter tells her he doesn’t want any more children.

Her husband Toby calls to see her to tell her the fertility clinic have been in touch regarding the future of their frozen embryos and she finds herself on the horns of a dilemma when he asks her to give their relationship another chance.

Who will she choose?


3. Has Peter gone back to his old ways?

After finding out that Toyah has kept her IVF attempts a secret from him, Peter wonders what other lies she has told him and storms off to go on a taxi run.

When his glamorous customer Chloe invites him into the hotel for a drink he accepts, but when Tim lets slip where Peter has been Toyah sees red. Toyah tracks Peter down to the flat and tears into him, convinced he slept with Chloe.

Peter accuses Toyah of using him when all she really wants is a baby. Telling him it’s over, Toyah storms out leaving Peter stunned.

4. Is Jenny getting too carried away?

When Jenny shows Alya and Kate some prototype mastectomy bras she’s made, Alya warns her she should run the idea by Johnny first. But will Jenny listen to Alya’s advice?

Impressed with Jenny’s efforts, Sally suggests she’ll bring in some fellow cancer patients for their opinion on the new bras.

5. Is Kevin about to sack Sophie?

Tyrone lays the law down to Kevin and tells him that in order to turn the business around they need to reduce the workforce and sack Sophie. Kevin’s stunned.


6. How will Leanne react to Peter and Toyah’s relationship?

In a bid to try and sort out her sister’s love life Leanne secretly replies to a text from ‘Fred’ on Toyah’s phone inviting him round to the flat. When Leanne opens the door, she is bemused to find Peter there.

After another coded conversation with Tim about Peter texting his girlfriend ‘Wilma’, Leanne is horrified to discover Peter is Toyah’s mystery boyfriend.

Planing to secretly propose to Leanne, Nick waits for Leanne in the bistro but with the secret out about Toyah and Peter, has Leanne done a disappearing act?

As Peter tries to convince Toyah of his innocence she admits how much she loves him. Pulling her into his embrace they’re suddenly interrupted by Leanne.

With their secret out, how will Leanne react and can Peter and Toyah move forward now her desire for a baby is out in the open?

These scenes will air Monday 30th January (7:30pm & 8pm), Wednesday 1st February (7:30pm) and Friday 3rd February (7:30pm & 8pm) on ITV