Corrie SPOILERS: 11-17 February

Corrie Spoilers 7

Next week in Coronation Street, Ken’s disappointed in Daniel, Bethany plays with fire and Leanne’s had enough of Toyah.

Here are 6 spoiler teasers for next week’s Corrie

1. Will Daniel choose love over his career?

Sinead finds herself finds herself out on the street when Chesney refuses to let her stay at number 5. As Chesney continues to goad Daniel, Fiz and Kirk beg him to stop and seeing how upset Sinead is, Daniel promises her she can stay with him.

Having arranged a meeting for Daniel with an old friend who lectures on the course he is applying, Ken is disappointed when Daniel fails to show.

Having failed to get hold of Daniel Ken calls at his flat and is taken aback to see Sinead there in a state of undress and tears a strip off Daniel for putting his love life before his career.

2. Will Mel win Bethany round?

Mel calls at No.8 and tells Bethany how disappointed Nathan is that she’s not been in touch.

Bethany admits she really likes Nathan but worries that he probably thinks she’s just a silly little girl. Handing Bethany a beautiful necklace, Mel explains that Nathan bought it for her next video shoot.

Sarah calls in at No.8 and Bethany introduces her to Mel who tells Sarah that Bethany should continue with her videos as she’ll regret it if doesn’t.


3. Will Sophie save the garage?

Sophie tells Kevin she’s resigning from the garage and handing back her 21% share in order to save the business.


4. What has Yasmeen been hiding?

When Zeedan finds some unusual pills in Yasmeen’s handbag, he’s concerned and googles the name.

He’s shocked to discover they’re prescribed for MS. Zeedan and Alya confront Yasmeen with the pills. Yasmeen assures them she hasn’t got MS and the pills are for her anxiety.

Realising they’re partly to blame for their grandmother’s stress, Zeedan and Alya finally bury the hatchet.


5. Is Bethany playing with fire?

Having tried to shoot her own videos, Bethany meets up with Nathan and shows him the awful video that’s been receiving negative comments. Telling her how much he fancies her, Nathan reels her in. Utterly thrilled, Bethany leans in for a kiss and Nathan responds passionately.

Bethany is thrilled when Nathan approaches Bethany at the school gates and kissing her tenderly, inviting her to the salon at lunchtime to make another video. On Nathan’s instructions, Mel continues to flood the internet with negative comments about Bethany’s last video attempt.

Bethany is shocked when they’re interrupted by the police who arrest Nathan on suspicion of the abduction of Annabel Adams.

Appearing upset and shaken, Nathan approaches Bethany on the street and makes out he’s been wrongly accused of abduction. Nathan begs Bethany to lie to the police for him and provide him with an alibi.

Having heard a report on the radio about the missing teenage girl, Sarah warns Bethany to be extra vigilant. Mel takes Bethany into town and plies her with vodka and as Bethany staggers out of the club, she is spotted by Rana who realises she’s drunk and offers to take her home.

However Nathan pulls up in his car and opening the door for Bethany assures Rana he’s a friend and he’ll take care of her. When he takes her back to his flat, Bethany apologises profusely for questioning his innocence and swears that from now on she will trust him implicitly and the two kiss passionately.

6. Is Toyah being irresponsible?

Toyah’s hurt to discover she’s not been invited to Nick and Leanne’s wedding. She has a quiet word with Nick and suggests Peter should be allowed to spend more time with Simon.

Once at Peter’s Simon tells him he is missing a party at the Trafford centre so Peter agrees to drop him off. But later when he can’t get hold of Simon on his mobile he panics. Peter and Nick set off in search of Simon leaving Toyah at home in case he calls.

Leanne calls at the flower shop flat wanting to know where Nick and Simon have got to. Toyah is forced to admit that they let Simon go to a party at the Trafford Centre and they haven’t seen him since.

Beside herself, Leanne tears a strip off Toyah and Peter for their irresponsible behaviour and tells Toyah that she wouldn’t understand as she’s not a mother.


These scenes will air Monday 13th February (7:30pm & 8:30pm), Wednesday 15th February (7:30pm) and Friday 17th February (7:30pm & 8:30pm) on ITV