EastEnders SPOILERS: 11-17 February

EastEnders Spoilers 7

Next week in EastEnders, Bex moves on, Jane goes for a check-up and Ben and Jay have a look around number 18.

Here are 6 spoiler teasers for next week’s EastEnders…

1. Will Mick support Lee?

With Whitney and Lee’s relationship reaching breaking point, will Mick support his son?

2. Will date night solve all of Whitney and Lee’s problems?

It’s Valentine’s Day, and in Albert Square, Whitney and Lee have decided to head to Beales for date night. Will it be exactly what they need to put their relationship back on the right track?

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3. What has Billy done to anger Jack?

Max pulls Jack away from Billy as the two of them come to blows. But what was it over?

4. How will Ian and Jane cope with bad news?

Ian takes Jane to her check-up, but when they receive some disappointing news, what could it be and how will they cope?

5. Has Bex moved on from Shakil?

When Shakil goes to visit Bex, he is disappointed to find Travis there. And there’s further disappointment for Shakil when he spots them heading to the station to busk.

Elsewhere, Alexandra and Maddison tell Louise they think Bex has been after Travis for a while. But how will Bex react when Louise confronts Bex on her relationship with Travis?

6. Have Ben and Jay found a place to live?

As Ben and Jay look around number.18, interested in the possibility of renting it, Kathy is a little dubious as she too has a look around their potential flat.

These scenes will air Monday 13th February (8pm), Tuesday 14th February (7:30pm), Thursday 16th February 7:30pm) and Friday 17th February (8pm) on BBC One