Emmerdale SPOILERS: 11-17 February

Emmerdale Spoilers 7

Next week in Emmerdale, Finn goes a step too far, Pierce proposes and will Kerry and Dan get full time custody of Kyle?

Here are 6 spoiler teasers for next week’s Emmerdale

1. Will Finn ever get over Kasim?

Taking advantage of an airport taxi run, Finn stakes out Kasim’s house. Spotting him, Kasim is furious and threatens to call the police.

Despite begging, Kasim refuses to give their relationship another chance so full of rage, Finn decides to take matters into his own hands, breaking into the house and trashing Kasim’s bedroom.

Just as he is leaving his brother’s arrive having tracked him down, but will Finn admit what he’s done?

2. Is this really the end for Paddy and Rhona?

It is the anniversary of Tess’s death and Paddy privately visits the crash site. Gutted to receive her decree absolute papers, Rhona is unaware of the anniversary and later in the Woolpack, the two of them have a drunken heart-to-heart about the end of their relationship.

Is this really the end for the twosome? What happens when they go in for a kiss?


3. Will Rhona come clean as Pierce proposes?

Rhona confronts Pierce about his whereabouts, knowing he’s lied, but he accuses her of not understanding his feelings about Tess’s death.

Feeling guilty, Rhona comes up with a way to make it up to Pierce telling him it might be a good time to propose to her again. When he does, she accepts, but will she tell him about the kiss she shared with Paddy?

4. Who committed arson?

A shady figure pours petrol over a Barton taxi before setting it on fire.

After the police have investigated the arson, Finn admits they found a hoodie belonging to Kasim near by. But Ross thinks it could have been his brother Finn who committed arson, rather than Finn. But who was it?

5. Will Kerry and Dan get full time custody of Kyle?

Zak puts his foot in it when he makes some bold statements about Kyle’s future leading social worker Linda, to ask Kerry and Dan to take Kyle full time.

Naturally Kerry’s over the moon but, could someone scupper Kerry’s chance to have him?


6. Has Aaron reached breaking point?

With his sentencing looming, Aaron’s nerves are shot. His nearest and dearest are worried about his health especially when he has a panic attack.


These scenes will air Monday 13th February – Friday 17th February at 7pm and Thursday 16th February at 8pm on ITV