Corrie SPOILERS: 18-24 February

Corrie Spoilers 8

Next week in Coronation Street, Leanne’s waters break, Michelle and Steve scatter Ruairi’s ashes and Maria gets a surprise visit in prison.

Here are 6 spoiler teasers for next week’s Corrie

1. Will Roy let Brian stay?

Brian assures Roy he’ll look for alternative lodgings when they continue to rub each other up the wrong way.

At Cathy’s suggestion, Brian cooks Roy’s favourite meal and apologises for failing to pull his weight. Will Roy relent and agree he can stay?


2. Will Leanne give birth in a lift?

When Toyah spots Leanne forgiving Eva for her part in keeping Toyah and Peter’s relationship a secret, a jealous Toyah follows Leanne into the Victoria Court lift, where she rails at her for her jibe about her not being a mum.

Suddenly the lift judders to a halt. Having discovered the alarm isn’t working and there’s no phone signal, the girls start to panic, especially when Leanne’s waters break!

When Robert hears Leanne’s cries from inside the lift, he sets off to get help. As her contractions increase, Leanne cries out in pain and grips Toyah’s hand.

In the lobby, Rana shouts up to Leanne, offering her birthing advice. The ambulance arrives at Victoria Court, as do a panicked Nick and Eva, but will they be able to get into the lift to help Leanne before her baby is born?

And will the dramatic events of the day bring about a reconciliation between the sisters?

3. Is Sarah about to find out the truth about Bethany?

After spending the night at Nathan’s, Bethany returns home and lies to Sarah and Gary, telling them that someone nicked her phone and she crashed on Mel’s sofa.

But when Rana and Kate enquire after Bethany and reveal that they found her drunk in town before heading off with some bloke who she knew, Sarah’s fuming.


4. Will scattering Ruairi’s ashes bring Michelle and Steve closer together?

Steve tells Robert that Michelle confessed to trying to kiss him but deeply regrets it and he hopes they can remains friends. Will Robert mask his hurt?

And when Steve and Michelle head off to the seaside with Ruairi’s ashes, will it bring them closer together?

5. Can Michelle move on?

When Michelle finds out Leanne’s had the baby, she’s emotional but genuinely pleased for her and insists they visit.

Steve’s horrified at the thought but knows he must play along for her sake. Making out he’s too upset as it stirs up memories of Ruairi, Steve waits outside Victoria Court whilst Michelle heads up to see Leanne’s new baby.

How will Michelle cope?

6. Will Maria agree for Liam to stay with Eva and Aidan?

As Eva readies herself for visiting Maria in prison, Aidan masks his guilt. In the prison visiting room, Liam spots Maria and throws himself into her arms as Maria cries tears of relief.

Under pressure from Liam, Maria reluctantly agrees he can stay with Eva and Aidan.

But when Aidan arrives home, how will he react to this news?

These scenes will air Monday 20th February (7:30pm & 8:30pm), Wednesday 22nd February (7:30pm) and Friday 24th February (7:30pm & 8:30pm) on ITV