Emmerdale SPOILERS: 18-24 february

Emmerdale Spoilers 8

Next week in Emmerdale, Robert plans to marry Aaron, Laurel might have a new admirer and is Debbie about to do leave the country?

Here are 6 spoiler teasers for next week’s Emmerdale

1. Will Aaron and Robert tie the knot?

As Robert plans to marry Aaron there are a few obstacles his way. Paddy is not quite ready for them to marry so could put a spanner into the works and getting Aaron to the Woolpack where Robert plans to do it is proving tricky.

Resorting to heavy handed tactics, Cain steps in and ensures that Aaron is at the right place at the right time. But will they actually tie the knot, as mid-ceremony the police storm into the pub and it looks like the course of true love won’t run smoothly for the couple.

2. Will Tracy and David’s night of passion go according to plan?

Keen to prove to Tracy truth is better than fiction, David dons a cape and unleashes his inner lothario to surprise his wife with a night of passion…but things don’t quite go according to plan.


3. How will Laurel cope on the anniversary of Daniel’s death?

On the anniversary of baby Daniel’s death, a distraught Laurel confides in Will.


4. Has Will got a thing for Laurel?

Gabby tells her mum she thinks Will’s got his eye on her but how will Laurel react to possibly having an admirer?


5. Why is Jacob anxious?

Liv is pleased to have her friend back when Jacob dumps Gabby. Secretly Jacob is anxious to have lost his lucky coin… but why?


6. Will Debbie go with Sarah to Prague?

Because of her criminal record Debbie decides that travelling to Prague to be by Sarah’s side during treatment would be too risky.

Gutted, she agrees to let Charity take her but it’s not long before Debbie has second thoughts and turns to Ross for a fake passport.

As she packs for Prague, Faith has Debbie rumbled and decides to intervene by swiping her boarding passes. As Debbie and Sarah head to the airport, Debbie has doubts about the reliability of her fake passport and worries about her decision to accompany her daughter abroad.

Will she dare to risk it? And has her decision put Sarah in harm’s way?

These scenes will air Monday 20th February, Tuesday 21st February, Thursday 23rd (an extra hour-long episode at 8pm) Friday 24th February at 7pm on ITV