Corrie SPOILERS: 25 February – 3 March

Corrie Spoilers 9

Next week in Coronation Street, Sarah wants to meet Nathan, Sally stages a protest and Sinead makes a shocking discovery.

Here are 6 spoiler teasers for next week’s Corrie

1. Is Gail right to be suspicious of Shona?

In the café, Gail discovers her purse missing from her handbag. She immediately accuses Shona of stealing it and David backs her up.

When Roy returns to the café he finds Gail and Shona in a stand-off. Grudgingly opening her handbag, Gail finds no sign of her purse in Shona’s bag but refusing to back down, she announces she’s boycotting the café.

At No.8, David finds Gail’s purse under one of Lily’s toys. Gail reluctantly agrees to apologise to Shona but she’s unimpressed by Gail’s half-hearted apology.

2. Will Sally stand by her Rosie?

As Rosie and Sophie clean the kebab shop windows, the builders working nearby watch admiringly.

When Norris suggests Rosie’s modelling career must have taken a nose dive if she’s reduced to cleaning windows, it touches a nerve with Sally, who calls at No.13 and tears a strip off Kevin and Anna for making the girls clean windows for a living.

Anna sees red and points out that ‘Darling Rosie’ is actually a drugs mule. Sally’s stunned.

She’s shocked when Rosie bursts into tears, admitting her whole career is in tatters but she’s been pretending to live the high life to avoid Sally’s judgement.

Sally tells Tim what an awful mother she’s been, focusing on her own career while Rosie’s lost her job and home. With Tim’s support, Sally decides to put her family first.

So when one of the builders, Zack, throws a flirty comment at Rosie, Sally threatens to report him for sexual harassment.

3. Will Nathan agree to Sarah’s offer?

In the bistro, Mel warns Bethany that the last thing Nathan would want is for her to get pregnant and she should consider having a contraceptive implant. Quizzing her about her evening with Nathan, Sarah takes her her phone and finds Nathan’s number.

Having had an implant, Bethany feels very grown up, believing she’s got a proper boyfriend. But Bethany’s mortified when Sarah confesses that she left a message on Nathan’s phone inviting him round for tea.

4. Will Sally’s protest be heard?

As Rosie and Sophie clean the flower shop windows, Zack the builder makes lewd comments. Sally approaches the foreman of the building site and makes a complaint about Zack’s sexist behaviour.

When the foreman fails to take her seriously, Sally’s fuming and clutching a megaphone she launches a one woman protest. As Tim begs her to stop, will Sally gain support from any of the other residents?


5. Can Adam use Tracy’s offer to help to his advantage?

Tracy persuades Adam to help out in the flower shop. As they busy themselves with a huge flower order, Adam compliments Mary on her floristry skills and she basks in his flattery.

Adam offers to deliver the flower order and Tracy hands him Ken’s car keys. which he later pulls up in, in front of drug dealer Ronan Truman’s house.


6. How will Sinead react to her pregnancy?

Feeling guilty, Chesney hands Sinead a hotel voucher he’d bought for the two of them by way of a peace offering.

Using Johnny’s computer, Sinead goes online to book the hotel for she and Daniel. But as she studies the booking calendar, she realises with horror she’s muddled up her dates.

Hurrying out of the factory, a clearly worried Sinead take Beth to one side and drops the bombshell that she’s pregnant.

Beth advises Sinead to keep her pregnancy a secret for now while she considers her options. But when Daniel’s horrified to stumble across Sinead’s pregnancy testing kit how will she cope when he confronts her with it?


These scenes will air Monday 27th February (7:30pm & 8:30pm), Wednesday 1st March (7:30pm) and Friday 3rd March (7:30pm & 8:30pm) on ITV