EastEnders SPOILERS: 25 February – 3 March

EastEnders Spoilers 9

Next week in EastEnders, Ian starts planning for when he’s not around, there’s a pancake race and Mick continues to try and solve his financial problems.

Here are 6 spoiler teasers for next week’s EastEnders…

1. Will Mr Beckett listen to Kim?

Kim jumps into Mr Beckett’s car for a word, in defence of Denise following a damning interview in the paper which could see her lose her job at the Minute Mart. But will he listen to what she has to say?

2.  Who will win the Walford pancake race?

As the Walford pancake race gets underway, who out of Vincent, Kim and Ian will come out victorious?

3. Why is Ian writing his will?

During the pancake race, Ian receives a text from his doctors, and Jane returns home to find Ian writing his will.

4. Does Kim know who the father of Denise’s baby is?

As Denise receives a call from her social worker, she later tells Kim that she has the consent forms ready for her to sign away her baby. But will she go through with it?

And has Kim cottoned on to who the father of Denise’s baby is?

5. Ian celebrates his birthday

Despite earlier hesitation, Ian agrees to celebrate his birthday before making a rousing speech to his friends and family.

6. Has Mick finally found a solution to his financial worries?

As Mick and Whitney meet the bank and discuss their financial options with Justin Fairbrass, will he be the answer to Sicks financial worries?

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These scenes will air Monday 27th February (8pm), Tuesday 28th February (7:30pm), Thursday 2nd February (7:30pm) and Friday 3rd February (8pm) on BBC One