Emmerdale SPOILERS: 25 February – 3 March

Emmerdale Spoilers 9

Next week in Emmerdale, Laurel’s upset after a visit to see Ashley, Rakesh is kidnapped and will Aaron turn to his family for help?

Here are 6 spoiler teasers for next week’s Emmerdale

1. Has Laurel misread the signals?

After visiting Ashley in the care home, Laurel is upset having seen him with his new friend Maggie. Confiding in Marlon after her visit, she mistakes his comforting arm around her and impulsively kisses him just as Sandy walks in – unimpressed by what he has seen.

Has Laurel misread of the signals? Or is there something between them?


2. Should Priya and Rakesh have admitted that they’re back together?

Jai confronts Priya about her secret relationship with Rakesh, leaving her worried about Nicola and Jimmy’s reaction. Priya and Rakesh are galvanised as they prepare to break the news.

Later in the Woolpack, they broadcast their renewed relationship by having a drink together, leaving Rishi surprised. But how will Nicola take the news?


3. Is Chrissie right about Ronnie?

Chrissie is surprised when Ronnie tells her Lawrence has gone away and when she later spots Ronnie handing over an envelope to a younger, mystery man on CCTV, she suspects he’s up to no good.

When she confronts Ronnie, Lawrence gets angry and she’s thrown when Lawrence changes his will.

Still believing that her dad’s partner is up to something, how can Chrissie prove her suspicions about Ronnie are right?

When Ronnie is later guided to a police car the truth will soon revealed.

4. Who is Rikesh’s kidnapper?

When Rakesh awakes bound and gagged, he’s shocked to discover the identity of his kidnapper.

Despite being tormented, Rakesh starts to feel sorry for them. But will he manage to break free and will he escape unhurt? And who is his kidnapper?


5. Can Laurel allay Carly’s concerns?

Carly has misgivings about moving in with Marlon after hearing about the kiss. Can Laurel allay those concerns when she joins Carly at a girlie party?


6. Will Aaron turn to his family for help?

Chas is concerned for Aaron when she makes a visit to the prison as his past returns to haunt him.

When the top dog in prison learns Aaron is Gordon’s son, things get more dangerous for him. But how will Aaron react and will he turn to his family for help?

These scenes will air Monday 27th February – Friday 3rd March at 7pm on ITV