Corrie SPOILERS: 4-10 March

Corrie Spoilers 10

Next week in Coronation Street, Sally gets trolled online, Sarah wants to meet Nathan and Adam’s in trouble.

Here are 6 spoiler teasers for next week’s Corrie

1. Will Daniel reveal all to his dad?

Daniel and Sinead walk on eggshells around each other in light of their decision about the baby.

Ken apologises to Daniel for passing judgement on his relationship with Sinead. Spying Daniel looking lost in the medical centre, Rana lends a sympathetic ear as he confides about Sinead’s pregnancy.

Rana advises them not to make a rash decision. Daniel’s alarmed to bump into Ken on the way out, will he confide in his dad?


2. Is Cathy falling for Brian?

With Cathy feeling like a fish out of water working in the kebab shop, Gemma thinks she needs to understand their clientele and insists on taking her on a boozy night out. However, their pub crawl with ends up in embarrassment.

Mortified at having embarrassed herself in front of Brian, Cathy is relieved to be going to visit Nessa in Scotland. Gemma wonders if Cathy’s taken a fancy to Brian!


3. Will Sally’s celebrations be short lived?

Sally prepares a speech for her meeting with the building firm bosses, inviting a Gazette reporter to cover it. But when the photographer recognises Rosie, they hit on a new angle for the story and invite her to the Bistro for a chat.

Sally celebrates when she gets a code of conduct signed by the building foreman, however will her celebrations be short lived when a number of nasty comments about her start appearing online and she sees the Gazette’s interview with Rosie online.

4. Has Peter’s plan backfired?

Tracy’s shocked when an estate agent arrives at Preston’s Petals explaining he’s been instructed by the owner to put the premises on the market.

As Tracy rails at Peter for pulling the rug from under her, Peter reveals his plans for the money to a shocked Tracy and Ken.

5. Will Nathan agree to a meeting with Sarah?

After apologising to Nathan for her mum interfering, Nathan makes out he’s nervous of her disapproval because of their age gap.

At home Bethany lays into Sarah for not trusting her judgement which is when Sarah reveals a secret from her past and doesn’t want the same thing happening to her daughter.

Sarah explains to Bethany how she had a lucky escape from a weirdo she met in an internet chat room which is why she’d like to meet Nathan to put her mind at rest.

When Bethany relays this to Nathan will he agree to a meeting with Sarah?


6. Will Adam find himself on the receiving end of Ronan’s fury?

Having distracted Mary to help himself to £100 from the flower shop till and stolen Ken’s car, a jittery Adam pulls up at Ronan’s house in Ken’s car but is surprised when Trina answers the door.

Claiming to be an old friend of Trina, Adam’s nervous as he offers Ronan the chance to make some serious cash by buying some drugs.

When Ronan turns up on the street, aware Adam slept with Trina, it becomes clear the drug deal has gone badly wrong. As Ronan drops threatening hints to oblivious Tracy and Amy, Adam’s terrified.

Having spent the night on the floor of the flower shop Adam panics when he spots Ronan loitering outside No.1. When Ronan then orders a bouquet and insists that Tracy must deliver it he’s worried sick.

Having followed Tracy to Ronan’s house Adam is ushered inside, while Ronan shuts the door on a bemused Tracy. As Ronan demands to know where his money is, Adam’s forced to reveal that it was burnt.

These scenes will air Monday 6th March (7:30pm & 8:30pm), Wednesday 8th March (7:30pm) and Friday 10th March (7:30pm & 8:30pm) on ITV