Emmerdale SPOILERS: 4-10 March

Emmerdale Spoilers 10

Next week in Emmerdale, Aaron feels the pressure in prison, Finn sets off for Australia and Laurel has to be honest with Gabby and Arthur.

Here are 6 spoiler teasers for next week’s Emmerdale

1. Will Aaron listen to anyone?

Despite being bruised, battered and in pain, an alone Aaron in his bunk refuses everyone’s attempts to help him. Cell mate Ethan offers him a joint to relieve the pain but Aaron declines and later he is cornered by Jason and his gang of heavies and finds himself flung hard to the cell floor as he is goaded by Jason.

When Jason makes a revelation to Aaron he is left on the verge of a panic attack. Father Aidan, the prison chaplain is concerned for Aaron’s mental state and tries to offer support but will he accept his help? Or will he hit the self destruct button?

In prison, Aaron asks his cell mate for drugs but he tells him he needs to go to Jason.

Later, when his his sister Liv visits him in prison, she notices that Aaron is is not himself. When Paddy steps away and sensing something is up, Liv confronts her brother after guessing what he’s been doing. She warns him behaving stupidly could jeopardise his appeal. Angry at his response, she walks out but will Aaron heed her advice?

2. Will Emma stop Finn from leaving?

Emma’s worried about Finn’s motivations for going to Australia, but will she try and stop him?


3. Will Rebecca’s desperate measure work?

Chrissie is being ousted from the family home. Her stuff has been packed up and she’s turned up to collect it before leaving the village.

But Rebecca is still determined for Lawrence and Chrissie to sort their differences, so Rebecca takes desperate measures by handcuffing her sister to Lawrence.

As a guilty Ronnie looks on, will he confess he set her up after all?


4. Will Rhona see Pierce for what he really is?

When Rhona gets home and models the sexy lingerie for her fiancé she looks a bit uneasy but regardless a delighted Pierce gets his tablet out to record as Rhona’s doing an awkward striptease – leaving the camera running.

The next day, as he watches the footage back, and is angered when a text from Vanessa pings up on Rhona’s phone and he doesn’t like what he reads.

Rhona is not happy about the recording they have unwittingly made but Pierce is moody and guilt trips Rhona when she won’t watch their sex tape accusing her of always being ashamed of their intimacy. To appease him she tells him not to delete the tape.

Secretly Pierce is still glowering about Vanessa’s text so unannounced he drops in on her and nastily accuses her. They clash and Vanessa who has seen his true colours is left even more determined to make Rhona see Pierce for what he really is.

5. Will Jacob find his lucky coin?

On the eve of David’s test results, Jacob anxiety soars as he desperately searches for his lucky coin amongst the garbage.


6. Is it all over for Laurel and Ashley?

Laurel takes time to be honest with Gabby and Arthur over what’s happening between Ashley and Maggie. But does this mean the end for Laurel and Ashley?


These scenes will air Monday 6th March – Friday 10th March at 7pm on ITV