Corrie SPOILERS: 11-17 March

Corrie Spoilers 11

Next week in Coronation Street, Maria’s out of prison, Bethany falls deeper into Nathan’s trap and Michelle is out for revenge.

Here are 6 spoiler teasers for next week’s Corrie

1. How will Sarah and Gary take to Nathan?

Seeking out Bethany, Mel tells her that Nathan hass been wrongly arrested for assault and needs an alibi.

Worried he won’t make Sarah’s  dinner, Bethany resolve to do what she can to secure Nathan’s release. Calling at the police station Bethany gives a false statement, making out Nathan was with her on the evening of the assault.

Nathan’s released and Bethany’s thrilled as he tells her how amazing she is. But as they head to the Platts how will Sarah and Gary react to realise that Nathan is older than they are?

Over dinner Nathan does his best to charm Sarah, promising her he only has Bethany’s best interests at heart.

Gary’s unconvinced but Sarah insists she has little choice but to accept Nathan if she wants to remain on good terms with her daughter.

But how will Bethany react when Sarah and Gary tell her they intend to buy a house together?

2. Does Chloe have an ulterior motive?

Bumping into Peter, Chloe feigns tears she tells him her ex is stalking her and she’s scared to go home.

Peter insists on driving her home and making sure the coast is clear. But does she have an ulterior motive?


3. Will Maria blow Aidan’s secret?

Johnny offers to pay for a holiday for Maria and Liam in return for her silence.

How will Maria react to this, has Johnny made matters worse?

As Maria’s welcome home party gets underway, will she blow Aidan’s secret?


4. Is Bethany falling deeper into Nathan’s trap?

Bethany panics when Sarah insists on taking her to the doctors for contraception as she has already had the implant, but she is touched that her mum is treating her like an adult.

How will she explain herself to her mum?

Bethany feels awkward when she arrives at the party and all the guests bar Mel are men. Is she falling deeper into Nathan’s trap?

5. Will Leanne listen to Steve?

Leanne and Nick row over her plans to allow Steve access to Oli.

Gail advises Nick to walk away while he still can. Nick needs space to think but when he forgets he and Leanne have an appointment to register Oli’s birth Steve jumps in, having heard the news from Simon, and sets off in pursuit of Leanne.

As Leanne registers Oli’s birth Steve bursts in and demands to be named on the birth certificate. How will Leanne react?


6. Is Michelle out for revenge?

As Michelle drowns her sorrows in the bistro she spreads poison in Nick’s ear, telling him it’s clear Leanne doesn’t care about him.

As Michelle plies Nick with wine, Robert warns Michelle she’s playing with fire, but ignoring his words she invites Nick back to the salon flat. Robert fumes.

As Leanne looks for Nick, hoping to make up after their row, Michelle leans in and kisses Nick. Will he respond?


These scenes will air Monday 13th March (7:30pm & 8:30pm), Wednesday 15th March (7:30pm) and Friday 17th March (7:30pm & 8:30pm) on ITV