Emmerdale SPOILERS: 11-17 March

Emmerdale Spoilers 11

Next week in Emmerdale, is Gabby about go off the rails? Is Robert about to give up on Aaron? And will Lisa and Zak get back together?

Here are 6 spoiler teasers for next week’s Emmerdale

1. Is Gabby about to go off the rails?

Worried that Ashley’s not eating properly, Laurel and Gabby find food stuffed into his bathrobe pockets and Laurel eventually becomes resigned to the fact that Ashley’s happy spending time with Maggie.

Gabby however is struggling with the situation and later decides to bunk off school with Liv and their friends for an afternoon of drinking with Josh and Jamie.

Soon Josh and Gabby start to kiss and Liv’s unimpressed when Gabby invites Josh upstairs into Laurel and Ashley’s bedroom. Having discovered Liv is skiving, Robert goes round to Mulberry, followed by a distraught Laurel.

After apologising to Lauren, Gabby agrees to tell Bernice herself. When she discovers what Josh has been saying about her online, Gabby is devastated and dreads going back to school but Laurel sticks up for her when Bernice starts to have a go and books a trip away for her and the kids.

2. Will Lisa take Zak back?

When Zak gets a letter naming him as Kyle’s legal guardian, he suggests he and Lisa raise him together but will she be up for it?

Lisa delivers a blow to Zak about their relationship when she tells him things aren’t working out between them and has no idea how to fix it. He tries impressing her but she just becomes more and more irritated with him.

She isn’t sure whether to except Zak’s offer to take her out for dinner, but Belle convinces her to give her dad another chance. When the special dinner is in the pub, Lisa isn’t impressed, that and the revelation Faith’s working there.

After a disastrous evening at the pub, Zak and Lisa head home but stop en route to round up the pigs and to see the shed that Zak’s been building for Lisa.

Less than impressed, they start to bicker and sling mud at each other and it’s not long before they are laughing and enjoying themselves. But will she take him back?

3. Will Aaron listen to Robert?

After a visit to the prison, a concerned Robert tells Rebecca he’s been unable to see Aaron because of some sort of incident.

When Liv hears that a stressed Robert hasn’t been able to see Aaron in prison, she worries her brother’s been caught with drugs. After confiding in Rebecca she’s hiding a secret, Liv tells Robert Aaron’s been taking drugs.

Robert acts casual while visiting Aaron but becomes angry when he lies about the situation he eventually lets him know he knows that he has been taking drugs and Aaron is crushed.

Robert pleads with Aaron to give them up but he says it’s too late.

4. Do Robert and Rebecca have feelings for each other?

Feeling rejected, after Aaron’s said he’s no use to him, Robert swigs on a bottle of whisky and trashes the room.

He texts Rebecca, who’s on a date with Ross, and asks her to come round to the cottage. When she arrives he tries to kiss her but she rejects him.


5. How will Chas feel about Faith being behind the bar?

Returning home from Prague, Faith moves in with Moira and with Chas and Charity away, the Woolpack is in disarray.

Despite her offer of help being rejected by Marlon, Faith jumps behind the counter to help leading to Victoria singing her praises. As Faith takes control, hoping to turn the pub around before Chas returns, Moira tells Cain to go easy on his mum who in turn is stringing along Rishi and Pollard.

When Chas returns, she is annoyed to find the pub decked out in green and Faith behind the bar!

6. Who will look after Ashley when Laurel goes away?

Doug rebukes Bob and Jimmy for not visiting Ashley at the care home saying it could have been any of them in his position.

Laurel’s worried about telling Ashley she’s going away with the kids and is later told by Bob and Jimmy that they plan to rally around Ashley when she’s away.


These scenes will air Monday 11th March – Friday 17th March at 7pm (and 8pm on Thursday) on ITV