Corrie SPOILERS: 18-24 March

Corrie Spoilers 12

Next week in Coronation Street, Daniel’s caught between a rock and a hard place, Peter comes to Chloe’s rescue and Tracy’s resentment towards Ken continues to grow.

When Robert overhears Daniel’s conversation with his lecture he congratulates him on his place at Oxford. Ken’s surprised when Robert mentions this to him but is overjoyed and organises a family meal to celebrate.

But no one is more stunned at the news than Sinead who hears it from Ken in from of everyone. Only earlier that day she took Daniel to view a flat, painting a cosy picture of life with the baby. Rushing out of the Bistro, Sinead is deeply hurt.

This leaves Daniel no choice but to run after her, telling Ken that he’s turning Oxford down. Ken later pays a visit to Sinead, imploring her to call off her relationship with Daniel as she’s standing in the way of his career. Hurt, Sinead lets slip to Ken that she’s pregnant with Daniel’s baby.

As Ken rants at Sinead about his wasted life with Deirdre and how he wants better for Daniel, Tracy overhears and is appalled. With Sinead going it alone, Daniel searches in vain for her whilst Beth worries about her niece.

When Ken apologises to Daniel assuring him that he only wants what’s best for him her reveals that Sinead is pregnant and he loves her very much, making Ken feel terrible.

Later on in the week, Sinead through tears tells Daniel she’s had a miscarriage and he’s free to go to Oxford. Daniel hugs her, devastated.

Keeping quiet (for now) about a stash of cash she finds in the kitchen, Toyah encourages Peter to go and check on one of his regular fares as he’s worried about then, telling her that their ex keeps bothering them. Presuming Peter’s fare to be a man, little does she know that it’s actually Chloe he’s talking about.

Calling at her house, Peter fixes some bolts to the doors, leaving Chloe feeling grateful. As Peter makes to leave, she makes her fondness for him very clear and tries to kiss him. But will Peter respond? Back at home Toyah confronts Peter with the cash she’s found in the kitchen, but as he helps her with her IVF injection, Toyah tries to bury her suspicions about the money.

Meanwhile when a cash buyer arrives at the pub, Peter’s stunned to see it’s Chloe and Steve and Liz are considering her offer. Peter angrily steers Chloe outside and orders her to stay away from both him and the street. Ken clocks their exchange.

Finding Chloe alone Ken approaches her. Chloe explains she’s had a row with her boyfriend Peter. Taken aback Ken invites her back to the house to talk.

Nick begs Michelle not to tell Leanne about their fumble but bitter Michelle’s adamant Leanne deserves the truth. Will she drop the bombshell?

Elsewhere, Tracy’s deflated when the bank turn down her loan application for the florists and begs Ken to lend her the money but is left fuming when he disagrees. Later, when she finds Ken’s will, will she look inside?

The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree as Amy, having bought an old violin, smashes it up before duping Ken into giving her £200 for a replacement, promising she’ll play at the community centre concert on Monday.

And finally, Seb is put out when Faye doesn’t seem to have time to see him. Consumed with jealousy Seb lets his temper get the better of him. Sensing Seb’s jealousy, Faye hugs him and assures him she loves him.

Having seen another side to Seb, Anna bans Faye from seeing him and when he attempts to apologise to Faye for his behaviour, worried Anna will see them, Faye rushes inside.

Thinking she’s doing a good turn, Rosie resolves to get Seb and Faye back together, but will she succeed?

These scenes will air Monday 20th (7:30pm & 8:30pm) and Friday 24th March (7:30pm & 8:30pm) on ITV