EastEnders SPOILERS: 18-24 March

EastEnders Spoilers 12

Next week in EastEnders, could things be finally looking up for a Walford favourite? Will Preston decide who he really wants to be with? And will Lauren be able to make her relationship with Peter work?

Things could finally be looking up for Denise next week as she attends a meeting at Minute Mart HQ hoping for good news.

It also seems that romance might be back on the cards for Denise as she grows close once again to Kush, after joining Kim’s pub quiz team. Later on in the week, Denise spots Kush outside and invites her to the Vic for a drink before walking her home. Could the two of them rekindle their romance from before?

One romance in definite need of a spark is Lauren and Steven’s. Things haven’t been right for a while now for the couple and next week sees their relationship put further under the microscope.

Discussing men with Jane, Lauren hopes to get a clearer understanding of what she can do to move her relationship forward. But with Max wanting to get to know Steven more, is inviting him over for fish and chips really what’s needed?

Lauren turns to Whitney to discuss her relationship but keeps some things to herself. After inviting her out, Whitney begins to realise the real reason Lauren has dragged her to the bar. But not wanting to reveal the truth, Lauren tries to placate Whitney about the real reason she brought her for drinks.

Back in the Queen Vic, Whitney gives Lauren some home truths. But will it be what she wants to hear?

Over at Ben and Jay’s flat, Ben has a house party and is pleased with the size of crowd and has a laugh with Johnny over Jay’s potential matchmaking.

Elsewhere, Dennis continues to blackmail Michelle over her relationship with Preston, who turns his attention back to Bex. But when Preston successfully persuades Michelle to go for a meal with him, how will things be left between them? Will they be on or off at the end of the meal?

These scenes will air Monday 20th (8pm), Tuesday 21st (7:30pm) and Thursday 23rd March (7:30pm) on BBC One