Emmerdale SPOILERS: 18-24 March

Emmerdale Spoilers 12

Next week in Emmerdale is Carly about make a getaway? Is Laurel right to worry about Ashley? And will Harriet play bad cop?

Chas and Robert visit Aaron in prison when news comes through regarding his appeal. Chas is shocked to see the state of Aaron but he claims he’s given up drugs. But will Robert confess to his own antics?

As April chokes violently on a sweet, Marlon is shocked to realise Carly does nothing to help her and rushes to save April as Carly stands on in utter shock. Not being able to shake the guilt of doing nothing, instead of facing it Carly decides to take the easy way out and plans her secret getaway.

But will Marlon cotton on before Carly disappears out of their lives for good?

In the Woolpack, Faith enjoys prophesying and Emma worries when she overhears that she claims to be able to communicate with spirits. She’s further worried when she realises Faith is holding a public psychic reading in the pub, but how will an emotional Emma react?

When the day of Faith’s psychic night arrives, it all becomes too much for Emma who heads to the church. Seeking forgiveness through prayer, she hears a noise. Has someone overheard her confession?

As the psychic night gets underway Emma loses it when Faith appears to be channeling James. Could Faith have overheard her in the church and will Emma’s secret be exposed? And just what lengths will unstable Emma go to to keep her secret? Could Faith find herself in danger?

Elsewhere, Ashley is secretly smuggled into the village to cheer Sandy up for his birthday. The next day when Laurel arrives home early to find Ashley celebrating, she’s concerned that he might be overwhelmed. But her fears are quickly allayed when Ashley slips into his cassock and is soon happily sitting with the children.

Later, Jimmy and Bob return Ashley to the care home but not long after, Ashley heads for the exit. Still wearing his cassock, he’s mistaken for a vicar and let out. Ashley soon finds himself disorientated in a deserted street. How will Ashley cope on his own and how will his family react when they realise he’s missing?

And finally, Harriet catches Cain red-handed hiding a bag of stolen phones in the church. As he hides, Harriet threatens to call the police if he doesn’t return the phones. When he fails to act she grabs them and strides off.

Will Harriet shop Cain to the police or will her conscience get the better of her? Harriet’s actions will have consequences within the village but who will be on the receiving end?

These scenes will air Monday 20th to Friday 24th March at 7pm on ITV