Emmerdale SPOILERS: 25-31 March

Emmerdale Spoilers 13

Next week in Emmerdale, Ashley takes a turn for the worse, Chas and Faith try to rebuild their relationship and Liv gets some bad news.

With Ashley safe back at the care home, Laurel shares a treasured moment with him as they lose themselves in the music with a dance.

Following Doug’s crass comments last week, Laurel is struggling to forgive him and as a result doesn’t turn to him when Arthur falls ill.

Meanwhile, in the care home, Bob pays Ashley, just as he takes a turn for the worst, coughing violently and finding blood on his hands.

When she finds out Ashley is ill, how will Laurel react and will he manage to pull through?

Noticing that Faith is still upset by Chas’ hostility, Debbie sets them both up to get them together and they pull no punches as they have a heart-to-heart about their relationship.

Looking like they’ve made up, Faith recoils when Chas tries to hug her, suggesting that all is still not well between the two of them.

Hearing that Sandra is very ill after an accident on holiday, Chas breaks the news to Liv, agreeing to accompany the youngster overseas to visit her mum.

Realising that Cain is under pressure when she spots him comforting Debbie, Harriet later confronts him over a bag of stolen phones she finds him with. Offering her a cut, will she accept?

Overwhelmed with sadness when a woman called Nell at an NA meeting reminds Jai of Holly, he heads outside to compose himself, but when he returns, she has gone and so has his wallet.

Tracking her down, Nell apologises and hands Jai his wallet back, wondering why he is being so nice to her. When she tells him that she’s staying on a friend’s sofa Jai is left to question whether this girl is to be trusted or not.

Elsewhere, angry that Tracy has sent out a picture of him without his permission, David is forced to backtrack after realising that he has fans and Tracy decides to break-up her writing partnership with Pearl.

These scenes will air Monday 20th to Friday 24th March at 7pm, with an extra episode Thursday 23rd March at 8pm on ITV