Corrie SPOILERS: 1-7 April

Corrie Spoilers 14

Next week in Coronation Street, Ken starts to piece together the pieces of his attack, Audrey trips in the salon and Nathan has some explaining to do to Bethany.


As Ken comes round in hospital, he’s aghast when the police inform him that someone attacked him and left him for dead. Unable to recall the night in question, Ken is surprised to see Peter, Tracy and Adam in the hospital given their recent acrimony towards him.

Calling the police back to his bedside, Ken admits with a heavy heart that his family could well have motives for attacking him. Taken aback to learn of the various grievances, DS Mackinnon calls at No.1 to question Adam about Ken’s account of their feud.

Adam’s forced to admit he never left the country but confidently asserts that he was with his girlfriend Rosie on the night in question. Having asked Rosie to give him an alibi, will Rosie verify Adam’s account of what he was up to that night?

Drowning her sorrows in the Rovers, Beth drags plastered Sinead out of the pub and is deeply alarmed when Sinead bitterly blames Ken for killing her baby and wishes whoever attacked him had finished the job.

Simon asks Peter to retrieve his confiscated mobile phone from his history teacher. Tracking down Simon’s teacher h asks for Simon’s mobile, but when he is unable to crack the security passcode he fetches a hammer and smashes it to bits before retrieving the SIM card and cutting it up. What is Peter trying to hide?

Intercepting Peter and Daniel at the hospital, Mackinnon explains that Ken’s refusing to see any members of his family.

Taking Daniel to one side, Mackinnon asks him about his mum and states that he lied convincingly for six years to cover Denise’s absence. It doesn’t take Daniel long to realise that she’s insinuating that he bumped off Denise then targeted Ken.

Pulling out Ken’s will, Tracy tears open the envelope and started to read it, confronting Adam with it pointing out that the lion’s share goes to him, Peter and Daniel while she’s been cut out completely.

Adam’s confused as it’s a different version to the one he witnessed.

When Simon plays Nick and Leanne the panicky voice mail from Peter, Nick’s convinced that Peter is Ken’s assailant and when Peter and Toyah call at the bistro to collect Simon, Nick pulls out Simon’s phone and plays them the incriminating message leaving Toyah shocked.

Nick, Leanne, Toyah, Simon, Tracy and Adam listen in disbelief as Peter explains how Chloe became infatuated with him and on the night of Ken’s fall, he called round to see her and made it clear he wasn’t interested. In retaliation she smashed up her house, cut herself and threatened to report him for assault.

When he later calls at Chloe’s beggin her to help him, explaining how Ken was pushed down the stairs the evening he was with her, will Chloe agree to clear his name?

Lying to Sinead, Daniel tells her the he’s going to Oxford for the day in the hope of getting reinstated on the masters course, but Sinead later finds a note from Daniel and is horrified to realise he’s leaving her.

When Daniel opens up to Sinead telling her he has to get away as it’s clear his family think he tried to kill Ken. Sinead reckons running away will only compound their suspicions. Will she be able to convince him to stay?

Elsewhere, away from the Barlows, Audrey breaks her arm when she trips in the salon.

Still brooding over Seb, Faye turns down Anna’s offer of a pub meal, saying she’s staying in to work on an art project with Craig. However Craig lets slip to Gary that he has no plans with Faye.

Gary accuses Faye of lying about doing art with Craig while planning to meet Seb. Faye tearfully insists that Seb’s history and she just wanted to be alone. But is she telling the truth?

Nathan suggests Bethany should record a new vlog with Mel but when she comes across a picture of Nathan kissing Mel on Mel’s laptop, she’s furious. Confronting Nathan about his relationship with Mel, how will Nathan explain himself?

Bethany returns home upset and admits her relationship with Nathan might be over. Sarah confides in Gary how relieved she is, unaware that Bethany is listening. Meanwhile in the tanning salon, Nathan tears a strip off Mel for winding Bethany up.

And finally, Kevin’s embarrassed when his card is declined. Dev offers him the groceries free of charge but Kevin’s offended and tells him he’s not a charity case. In return for her kindness, Kevin gives Erica’s car a valet.

These scenes will air Monday 3rd (7:30pm & 8:30pm), Wednesday 5th March (7:30pm) and Friday 7th April (7:30pm & 8:30pm) on ITV