EastEnders SPOILERS: 1-7 April

EastEnders Spoilers 14

Next week in EastEnders, Martin struggles to get his head around recent events, Denise has to win Carmel over and the sponsored cycle gets underway.

With Michelle in hospital following the dramatic events of the week before, Stacey tells Martin that he should visit her in hostpital. But reading the paper, Martin struggles to get his head around everything that’s happened.

As Jay and Ben step up the search for a new housemate, Abi helps them spruce up the place in a bid to interest potential housemates. But will anyone get Jay and Ben’s seals of approval?

As Kush and Denise kiss, they’re enjoying themselves until they spot Carmel watching them. How will she take to their new relationship?

As the Walford to Land’s End sponsored cycle gets underway, with Kush and Vincent first to take to the bikes. Later on, Denise talks Shakil into shaping with her on the sponsored cycle so that she can spend time with Carmel.

After agreeing to swap, Denise takes advantage of the extra time she has with Carmel to make it up to her following her relationship with Kush.

Elsewhere, as the Carters prepare for Shirley to come back home, Tina is touched by Whitney and Johnny’s ‘Welcome Home’ banner and Konrad pops round with a welcome home gift for Shirley – a bottle of Vodka!

And agrees to go to dinner with Josh. But will Josh turn out to be everything Lauren thought he would be?

These scenes will air Monday 3rd (8pm), Tuesday 4th (7:30pm), Thursday 6th March (7:30pm) and Friday 7th April (8pm) on BBC One