Emmerdale SPOILERS: 1-7 April

Emmerdale Spoilers 14

Next week in Emmerdale, Faith confides in Moira, Aaron is out of prison and the end of Ashley’s journey begins.

Ashley’s two year battle with dementia comes to an end this week as Laurel and Dough are told to prepare themselves for the worst. Coming to terms with the news, Laurel decides that the best thing to do is to bring him home to his own surroundings.

Next on her list of things to do is breaking the devastating news to the children. But she’s not sure how she does that let alone how they’ll react.

Inviting all of Ashley’s friends over, Laurel is unaware that all Gabby wants is time alone with her father. And when Bernice assures her daughter that she will get time later, can she really be sure that she will?

Gathering at Ashley’s bedside, everybody’s spirits are high as they reminisce happy memories but it’s a bittersweet moment for Laurel. When Laurel is left alone with Ashley she gets a tender moment before he quietly passes away.

Helping out on the farm, Faith confides in Moira who later tells Cain that he should actually get to know his mother better. But will Faith thank Moira for her interference?

With a thawing of family relationships, Faith wants them to hold a welcome home party for both Aaron and Sarah but will it be what both of them really want at this time?

After agreeing to put the conflict over the sex tape behind them, peace is almost restored between Rhona and Vanessa. However Vanessa is left feeling upset when she learns that Rhona has asked Carly to be her maid of honour.

As she later rants to Paddy about Pierce, he advises Vanessa to put her friendship with Rhona first but as she arrives to make the peace, she spots Pierce through the window watching the sex tape on his laptop. Having clearly lied about deleting it and she’s determined to expose him.

With Aaron out of prison, Robert is nervous that he will learn the truth about what went on with Rebecca. Overwhelmed when he arrives at the surprise party, Aaron is juggling his own demons after his time inside.

When Aaron spots Rebecca arriving at the party and decides to have a word with her, will she share their secret?

And finally, Jai helps Nell out but how will she react to his kindness? Buoyed by some positive ‘reviews’ of her first novel, Tracy decides to embark on a second one.

These scenes will air Monday 3rd to Friday 7th March at 7pm, with an extra episode Thursday 6th April at 8pm on ITV