Emmerdale SPOILERS: 22-28 April

Next week in Emmerdale, Pierce and Rhona’s wedding day arrives, Adam makes an unexpected move and Megan makes a huge mistake.

One of the biggest storylines in Emmerdale next week is that Pierce and Rhona’s wedding day has arrived. And it’s not until the actual night of his wedding, that Pierce reveals the true extent of his disturbing personality.

The week begins on the day of the wedding and Rhona is feeling a mixture of excited and nervous, Pierce is difficult to read and undoubtedly stressed.

As a sign of his blessing, Paddy gives Rhona his mum’s necklace, and although it seems at the start of the ceremony that Pierce might not go through with it, the couple do tie the knot.

After celebrating in the Woolpack, Piers takes Rhona home and carries her over the threshold. But it’s not long before the night takes a nasty turn as Pierce pushes Rhona to the floor in a violent attack following an argument.

Lying on the floor in a state of complete shock, Rhone flinches in terror when Pierce steps past her. When Pierce tries to manipulate the truth of the brutal rape, Rhona is desperate to get away from her new husband. But if she does manage to break free, will she go to the police?

It’s not all about Pierce and Rhona’s big day though. Jai is having a bad time of it himself as he hears some distressing new regarding Nell and decides to help her, inviting her into his home and offering her a job.

Sister Priya has her reservations about Nell and when the police come to the village, Nell is quick to stick the knife in.

As Belle and Lachlan spend more time together Zak’s worried Lachlan is totally out of control whilst Belle is enjoying his company. Also next week, Zak gets news regarding Kyle, but is it good news or bad?

On a break from his relationship with Victoria, Adam behaves as though he’s given up on the relationship completely. Taking control, Victoria returns his belongings to him, leaving an unhappy Adam to spend more time with Vanessa.

As they drink and play video games, things take a different turn when Adam leans in for a kiss. Will they both regret it? And will they keep it a secret from Victoria?

Also next week, Megan makes a mistake regarding her daughter Eliza that causes her to go missing. It’s an anxious time for Megan who is quick to call the police to help her find her child.

But who has taken Eliza and could there be repercussions for Megan over her actions?

And finally, Lydia and Sam go on a date, Samson is unhappy he never gets new clothes and Moira is concerned to realise some of her cows have gone missing and sets off in the night on patrol.

These scenes will air Monday 24th to Friday 28th April at 7pm, with an extra episode Thursday 27th April at 8pm on ITV