Emmerdale SPOILERS: 13-19 May

Next week in Emmerdale, Marlon plans a proposal, Amba is put in danger and Josh is attacked.

With Carly’s ex Matt waiting for her at the Woolpack, will Marlon go ahead with his proposal? Bundling Matt out of the pub, Marlon ends up getting him by him leaving Carly feeling very unhappy. But does she still have feelings for her ex?

Rhona leaves the village, saying an emotional farewell to Leo. When Rhona agrees to seeking professional help at rehab down south Vanessa is relieved.

Having set up camp in the factory, Nell claims she can’t stay at the hostel any longer because of the undesirables there, prompting Jai to insist she stay at Holdgate.

When she arrives all dressed up and looking like Holly to Amba’s birthday party, she immediately turns Jai and Ross’s heads. Pleased to see how good Nell is with her daughter, it’s not long before Priya is horrified to find Amba with pills in her hands. But has she swallowed any? And how will Jai take the news?

With Zak unable to pay his bills, Sam feels sorry for him and suggests that Zak could help Victoria prepare food for the vegan festival. As Victoria is too busy to man the stall at Chrissie’s vegan market, he struggles to make sales. In a bid to change his fortunes Zah adds some burgers on the barbecue, forgetting that he’s at a vegan festival.

After Josh and Jamie bully Jacob, he trashes their bikes and when they realise, they prepare to beat him up. Stepping in to take responsibility, Dan is cornered by the boys and agrees to paying for the damages the next day.

But when the next day arrives, Ross overhears Jacob’s worries and suggests the solution could be violence, giving the youngster food for thought.

Hiding his anxiety about meeting the two boys at the cricket pavilion, he finds Josh lying motionless, with blood seeping out of his head. Dialling 999, Dan ends the call after realising that someone’s watching in the shadows.

Elsewhere, fed up with Chrissie hassling her, Debbie gets her own back when she returns Chrissie’s car to her having put a bag of mouldy prawns under the seat.

These scenes will air Monday 15th to Friday 19th May at 7pm, with an extra episode Thursday 18th May at 8pm on ITV