Corrie SPOILERS: 20-26 May

Next week in Coronation Street, Ken closes in on his attacker, Sally finds out the truth about Gina and are Peter and Toyah about to become the new owners of the Rovers?

As he sets off for his exam Adam bundles Daniel into the boot of Ken’s car. Hauling him out of the boot in a deserted car park, Adam tries to force a confession out of Daniel, hoping to record it on his phone. But can Adam be sure that Daniel is the right man?

Goading him further, Adam suggests that Sinead must have had something to do with Ken’s attack. Pushing him to the edge, Daniel knocks Adam to the ground and jumps in Ken’s car and speeds off.

Having heard about Ken’s earlier altercation with Sinead, Adam tries to convince Ken that it was her who attacked him. Not wanting to hear anymore about it, Ken orders Adam to leave who is left with no choice but to call the police, pointing the finger at Sinead.

Unable to concentrate, Adam leaves his exam early potentially ruining his chances of a place at Oxford. When he arrives back in Weatherfield he catches the police in the Bistro taking Sinead away for questioning. If she reveals to them about Ken forcing her to have an abortion, will this make her a prime suspect?

Having found discrepancies with the tram ticket he provided as part of his alibi, Daniel is also called in for questioning, and quizzed on his movements on the night of Ken’s attack.

When Ken goes to visit Sinead to apologise for all that he’s put her through, he’s horrified to recognise a pair of trainers. He later tells Roy that he remembers seeing the trainers when he was pushed, meaning the owner must be his attacker. But who do the shoes belong to?

Overhearing Daniel telling Sinead that he’s going to stay at his old flat for a few days, Roy is convinced that he’s about to do a runner. With Peter and Tracy telling Adam that it’s time he moves on, he calls in at Ken’s, bags in tow, to tell him that he’s leaving town.

Spotting the offending trainers, a visibly scared Ken shows Peter the trainers revealing he knows who his attacker is. Shaken, Ken calls the police.

With Johnny struggling to unload the Underworld van, Kate uses this as a final straw and drags him to the medical centre, refusing to take no for an answer. Describing the symptoms, they’re both stunned when the doctor suggests that he tests for Parkinsons and MS.

Masking her concern, it’s business as usual for Johnny and Kate and with the anniversary party in full swing, Eva is convinced that Aidan is about to propose when he asks for hush. But is he? Or has she caught the wrong end of the stick?

Worried sick about Bethany, and her relationship with Nathan, Sarah agrees their only option is to talk to the police. Meanwhile Nathan summons Neil to his flat and after explaining how Bethany let down one of his clients, he asks him to keep any eye out for her.

When a police officer calls at the Platts, Sarah pours her heart out, telling him everything she knows about Nathan and revealing how the family are at breaking point over her daughter’s controlling and much older boyfriend. What she doesn’t know is that the officer is actually Neil, who promises to Sarah that he’ll talk to Bethany.

When Neil has a word with Bethany she’s left fuming at her mother’s decision to call the police. Neil convinces her that the right thing to do is for him to take her back to No.8 where she can tell her mum that she wants nothing more to do with her.

Catching wind of everything that’s gone on, Nathan suggests to Bethany that they should invite Neil and Ian over to say thank you. Knowing what this will involve, will Bethany say yes?

When Sally takes a call from a housing contact telling her of an available flat for Gina and Leah, Gina’s thrilled but unable to live with her guilt any longer confesses to Sally that she was her internet troll. With Gina in tears after the confession, Sally is left stunned and when Tim catches wind of the news he goes to confront Gina and finds her sitting alone on the site of a demolished house..

Telling Gina how much she cares about her, Sally begs her to come home. But will Gina agree?

Egged on by Gemma, Cathy asks Brian out on a date. Torn over his loyalty to Roy, what will Brian say?

Toyah’s thrilled when Peter reveals the money has come through from the shop. A downbeat Steve calls in at the Bistro telling Michelle that Peter and Toyah are now in a position to buy the pub so she’ll soon have her money. Overhearing this Nick forms a plan to get both Steve and Peter out of his and Leanne’s life for good.

After having a change of hear, Peter and Toyah are furious at Steve says after he refuses to sell them his pub. When Steve tells Leanne about Nick’s interference she’s incandescent with rage and confronts Nick about his crazy plan.

Elsewhere, Mary is beside herself when she hears son Jude is moving to Weatherfield.

These scenes will air Monday 22nd (7:30pm & 8:30pm), Wednesday 24th May (7:30pm) and Friday 26th May (7:30pm & 8:30pm) on ITV