EastEnders SPOILERS: 20-26 May

Next week in EastEnders, Mick gets to grips with the pub’s freehold, Lauren continues to grow close to Josh and Ted and Joyce arrive in Albert Square.

An upbeat Mick greets Shirley, unaware of her anxiety over the pub’s freehold. Leaving Johnny and Whitney with no choice but to tell Shirley that she needs to come clean to Mick.

Mick is angry at Shirley as he leaves a message for Linda having learnt of the freehold sale. Studying the paperwork, Mick has to come up with a plan that works best for him.

When Fi comes over to take Mick through the contract will he feel happier about the sale?

Max is apprehensive when Jack tells him he needs to meet with Charlie, but makes sure that he’s involved in the meeting between them. As is Dot who is shocked to see the extent of Charlie’s injuries.

Acting as a mediator, will Dot be able to calm things down between Jack and Charlie? Or will Jack be forced to take drastic action?

Back on talking terms, Denise and Kush discuss her upcoming exam. And as she attends her exam later that day, will she be happy with how she’s done?

Stephen continues to be jealous about Lauren’s closeness to Josh. Still keen to impress in her new job, Lauren is surprised when Josh asks her to be involved in his presentation. So much so, that he tells her to buy a dress on his credit card.

As Lauren walks in on Josh changing and helps him with his cufflinks, will they be able to hide their undeniable chemistry? And what will happen when Lauren and Josh work late in the office?

Elsewhere, Honey throws a flat-warming party and Sharon introduces herself to Ted and Joyce as they arrive at their new home.

These scenes will air Monday 22nd (8pm), Tuesday 23rd (7:30pm), Thursday 25th (7:30pm) and Friday 26th May (8pm) on BBC One