Emmerdale SPOILERS: 20-26 May

Next week in Emmerdale, Charity stirs up trouble, Tracy takes the blame and is this the end of Robron?

When Charity realises that Debbie and Rebecca are keeping the business secret from Lawrence, she blackmails them saying she will keep quiet if she’s made an equal partner. But with Charity being a loose cannon and a complete liability, surely this arrangement can only end in disaster?

Unnerved by another attack on the farm, Moira confides in Faith and Ross denies responsibility. Hearing a sudden thud when she goes to check on the cows, Moira runs back to the house so that she can call the police.

Could Moira unwittingly disturb Charity et al at work in the barn?

Feeling guilty, Tracy turns herself in to the police using the attack she recorded on her phone as evidence. Pollard tries to intervene and smash up the phone, but this doesn’t stop Kerry from taking what is left of the incriminating phone and marching off to the police station with David in hot pursuit, both determined to get their respective points across.

David is heartbroken when Tracy confesses resulting in a police cell door soon being closed on a terrified Tracy. How long will she be behind bars?

Returning to the village with Aaron, Robert confronts Rebecca about the abortion which she confesses she’s not had yet. Ross continues to pressurise Robert who admits he can’t get the money. Surprised by Robert’s admission and vulnerability, Rebecca agrees to ask Ross to stop targeting him, leading Ross to the conclusion she still cares about Robert.

Confessing to Victoria that she’s decided to keep the baby, Rebecca continues to hide the identity of the father. At the Woolpack Robert seems keen to confess and asks Aaron if they can skip the housewarming party and have a night in together

As they prepare to spend their first night in their new home Robert is unable to hide the truth and tells Aaron all about his dalliance with Rebecca. But how will Aaron react? Is this the end of Robron?

Elsewhere, Sam takes an upset Lydia under his wing and together they ask Laurel if she would like Lydia as a lodger? With clear reservations, will Laurel agree?

These scenes will air Monday 22nd to Friday 26th May at 7pm, with an extra episode Thursday 25th May at 8pm on ITV