NEWS: Britain’s Got Talent 2017 Semi-Finalists Revealed

Tonight saw Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon and David Walliams decide which 40 acts have made it through to the live Britain’s Got Talent semi-finals.

On tonight’s first live Britain’s Got Talent show Stephen Mulhern exclusively revealed some of the guest performances viewers can expect to see across the week including former Fifth Harmony member Camila Cabello, Alfie Boe and Vera Lynn as her very own hologram, the cast from Bat Out of Hell The Musical, The X Factor’s 5 After Midnight and BGT reigning champion, magician Richard Jones.

The live final will also be a spectacle of talent, joining forces with a performance from the UK’s biggest girl group and the UK’s biggest dance crew, Little Mix and Diversity.

He also revealed that there will be no judges vote throughout the live semi-finals, meaning that the public alone pick the two acts that make it through to the final. Stephen also revealed that each judge will however be given the chance to put one wildcard act each, through to the final.

Of course there would be no live semi-finals without acts, so here are the 40 acts which will be battling it out for that £250,000 prize and a spot on The Royal Variety performance. Let’s start with those Golden Buzzer acts…

Sarah Ikumu

Simon Cowell gave Sarah the Golden Buzzer for her incredibly powerful rendition of And I Am Telling You.

At just sixteen, this student from Milton Keynes has always dreamt of becoming a full-time singer and after securing the first Golden Buzzer of the series, she’s well on her way to fulfilling her dream.

MerseyGirls (Previously Just Us)

This dance group from The Wirral is made up of sisters Alice (17) and Julia (15) and friends Poppy (14), Rebecca (16) and Annie (17) and they met at their local dance school.

Alesha was moved by their performance as well as Julia’s own personal story. Suffering from scoliosis, she will be having surgery soon which will mean she will no longer be able to dance at the same level again.

Daliso Chaponda

When Daliso walked out onto the Britain’s Got Talent stage and revealed that he was a stand-up comedian, Amanda rather optimisitcally said she wanted a comedian to win this year.

Lo and behold, she was so blown away by Daliso’s hilarious routine that she pressed the Golden Buzzer.

Matt Edwards

With a magician winning last year, will Matt be the man to make it two years in a row? Ant & Dec certainly think he is as they were so blown away by his tequila inspired magic trick that they collectively pressed the Golden Buzzer.

Kyle Tomlinson

The last to push his Golden Buzzer was David Walliams who pressed the buzzer for 15-year-old student Kyle who two years ago was advised by David to get singing lessons. After his audition, David called it “A really, really moving performance” and admitted “I am glad you came back and proved me wrong.”

Then tonight the judges deliberated and deliberated and sealed the fate of these 35 acts who they put through to the live semi-finals. Re-live their auditions here…

Angelicus Celtis | 11-17, Choir from Wales

This choir from Wales are made up of schoolgirls aged 11-17 and have been performing together for around a year and are led by Mr. Williams, who is the choir’s biggest inspiration.

Code 3 | 14-16, Dancers from London/Cambridge

This all-female dance group have attended the same street school in Kent (run by Claudia’s mum), since they were children. Their biggest influences are Little Mix and Beyoncé.

David Geaney | 22, Dancer from Dingle, Ireland

This student and tap dancer started dancing when he was five years old and has entered a number of competitions, winning five World Championships. He no longer competes as he wants to put together his own routines and share them with the world.

Destiny Chukunyere | 14, Singer from Malta

This schoolgirl from Malta entered and won Junior Eurovision in 2015 and hopes to have a worldwide singing career. She started singing four years ago at a school concert and has been encouraged to carry on ever since by family and friends.

Dizzy Twilight | 65, DJ from Wiltshire

This retired registrar and nurse has always had a love for music and she has been doing her act since retiring five years ago. She completely surprised the judges when she began performing her DJ set and had them all up on their feet and dancing.

DNA 29 & 43, Magicians from London/Essex

This double act of mind readers have been performing together for four years after meeting at an event. The mind reading trick they performed on Simon and Amanda completely blew the judges and the audience away.

Empire Dance Crew | 15-25, Dancers from London

This dance group from all around the UK have been performing together as a group for over a year and are led by Rycardo Gomez, a professional dancer and choreographer. He has performed and worked with artists such as Little Mix, Pixie Lott and Meghan Trainor. The group like to fuse different dance styles and their goal is to be the biggest British dance crew.

Grace and Ali | 17 & 16, Dancers from Middlesborough/Hartlepool

This contemporary modern dance couple met and fell in love at Performance Art College where they had to do a dance duet in one of their shows. The judges were moved by their routine which they choreographed themselves.

Harry Gardner | 16, Singer Songwriter from Essex

This student and singer from Essex has been singing, writing songs and playing the piano since he was eight. He performed his original song Not Alone which he wrote after his grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

Issy Simpson | 8, Magician from Blackpool

This schoolgirl from Blackpool loves Harry Potter, especially Hermione Granger, and her magic trick put a spell on the judges.

Jamie Lee Harrison | 24, Singer from Newcastle

This singer songwriter from Newcastle found his passion for music while at university and has been performing at local pubs and clubs around his hometown ever since.

Jay Wynn | 36, Variety Act from Gloucestershire

This support worker from Gloucestershire spends his spare time creating costumes and making music and decided to combine his two passions for his audition by performing A-ha’s Take On Me in a 10ft robot costume.

Jess Robinson | 34, Impressionist from London

This impressionist and teacher from North London has been doing her act for over 10 years and dreams of becoming a full-time performer. She impressed the judges with her performance which included impressions of Cheryl, Sharon Osbourne, Shirley Bassey and Katherine Jenkins.

John Parnell | 64, Hula Hooping Act from Nuneaton

This hula hoop instructor from Nuneaton dreams of teaching the world to hoop. During his audition John performed a hula hoop routine to his original song Hoop Guy which caught everyone’s attention.

Jonny Awsum | 39, Comedian from Croydon

This comedian was joined by Ant and Dec on stage for a singing comedy routine about musicals.

Josephine Lee | 29, Illusionist from London

This magician and yoga instructor has been involved in magic since she was 18 after landing the role as a magician’s assistant. She has been performing as a lead illusionist for just over a year and entered Britain’s Got Talent to represent women in the magic industry.

Leah Barniville | 15, Singer from Ireland

This schoolgirl started singing when she was five years old and began having lessons three years ago which is when she started singing classical music. The judges were blown away with her rendition of Caruso by Lucio Dallas.

London School of Bollywood | 18-26, Dancers from London

This dance group from London are made up of students and working professionals who are all passionate about Bollywood and its culture. Their goal is to spread their positive message of diversity to a bigger audience.

Lords of Strut | 35 & 36, Comedy Dance Duo from Cork, Ireland

These brothers from Cork performed an eighties inspired routine to A-ha’s Take On Me which really surprised the judges.

Martin and Faye | 45 & 10, Singers from Cheshire

This father and daughter singing duo from Cheshire are made up of full-time performer Martin and his daughter Faye who started signing just over a year ago. They have been performing together for the past ten months after always singing in the car.

Missing People Choir | 32-71, Choir

This community choir of people, whose loved ones have been missing performed an emotional rendition of their original song, I Miss You with Alesha telling them, “It was such a beautiful way to raise awareness”.

Miss Treat Vibe (Previously Miss Treats) | 19-24, Singers from Sheffield, South London, Swindon and Birmingham

This girl group live together in London and have been in a group for a year. Their performance of Salt N’Pepa’s Whatta Man was a favourite with the judges.

Ned Woodman | 8, Comedian from Kent

This primary school boy loves making people laugh and has been performing comedy routines since he was six years-old. He shocked the judges with his ‘savage’ jokes about them but had them all in fits of laughter.

Niels Harder | 26, Magician from The Netherlands

This entertainer fell in love with magic at a young age and has been performing magic professionally for the past two years. His main influences are Tommy Cooper and Beyoncé. He entertained the judges and Ant & Dec with his performance and unique style of magic.

Paws with Soul | 24-29 (Dog years), Dancers from London

This group of dancing pets made up of three dogs, three cats, a mouse and a kitten. Their goal is to spread their love of dance to humans and animals worldwide. Their dance routine to Bruno Mars’ 24K Magic really impressed the judges.

PC Dan | 33, Dancer from Kingston

This police officer works at Kingston Police and has been a massive fan of dance from a young age. He attended the BRIT school and was always involved in performing arts but never pursued it professionally. He surprised the judges when he walked in with his police uniform and began to dance.

Perfect Pitch Creation | 8-14, Choir from Derbyshire

This choir of children are led by Emma Hopkins and the children attend a variety of schools in the area and come together specifically for the choir. David described their performance as “Charming and heart-warming.”

Reuben Gray | 16, Singer from Surrey

This schoolboy started playing piano aged seven and has been busking since the age of thirteen. His dad is his biggest fan and surprised him by being in the audience on his audition day when Reuben thought he was working away. The judges loved Reuben’s performance of his original song Lifeline.

Ryan Tracey | 35, Balloon Modeller from Northern Ireland

This improvement officer broke the Guinness World Record for ‘The fastest time to model five balloon structures blindfolded’. The structures were a dog, a sword, a flower, a snail and a caterpillar.

St. Patrick’s Junior Choir Drumgreenagh | 8-12, Choir from County Down, Northern Ireland

This school choir from a small village in County Down are made up of 36 pupils and their dream is to perform in front of the royals and make Ireland proud. They performed Keane’s Somewhere Only We Know and received a standing ovation from the judges and the audience.

Taptastik | 19-62, Tap Dancers from Brighton

This tap dance group from Brighton are led by choreographer Drew Wood who has a background as a professional dancer and teaches the group for an hour each week.

The Pensionalities (Previously The Pensionaires) | 84 & 75, Singers from Doncaster

These best friends perform together as a duet. They’re both retired and have been singing together for around four years. Their performance of Frank Sinatra’s You Make Me Feel So Young swept the judges and the audience off their feet.

TNG Characters (Previously TNG) | 16-25, Dancers from West London

This 27 person dance troupe from West London who have been running as a training facility since 2010 and working as a performance company for the past two years. For their audition TNG took to the stage dressed as clowns which not only scared and surprised the judges but also impressed them with their energy and originality.

Tokio Myers | 32, Pianist from London

This pianist grew up on a rough estate and started playing piano when he was nine and now wants to inspire young kids from rougher areas to follow their dreams.

Tyrone and Mina | 35, Dancers/Variety Act from Spain & Argentina

This knife throwing couple from Spain mix tango into their performances. Mina is originally from Argentina and the two met while working on a cruise ship as part of a tango show five years ago. Tyrone grew up in a circus family and was taught knife throwing by his dad aged 12 while they were traveling around Europe.

Britain’s Got Talent Live semi-finals air Monday 29th May to Friday 2nd June at 7.30pm on ITV. Followed by Britain’s Got More Talent on ITV2 at 10pm