EastEnders SPOILERS: 15-21 July

Next week in EastEnders, it’s time for prom, Max has an ulterior motive with Carmel and Ian has something to celebrate.

It’s a big week in Walford as the prom is close approaching. As Bex and Louise discuss the Prom, Bex bump in to into Shakil and thanks him for his help at the showcase.

Despite this being the perfect time to ask Bex to the prom, Shakil bottles it and fails to ask her out.

Later on, Bex helps Louise with her prom dress emergency and they both get ready for prom Their preparations are interrupted by Sharon who is annoyed at Louise for taking her perfume.

When Martin opens the door to Travis and Shakil, dressed in their prom gear; the boys are blown away by Louise and Bex in their outfits. As they leave to head to the prom, they’re all shocked to see the Robin Reliant ready to take them.

As the prom gets underway, Keegan watches Bex and Louise enjoy themselves whilst Alex and Madison watch from a secret gallery. What are they up to?

And as Travis asks Shakil for a favour, what could it be?

Lauren tries to talk to Steven about his news whilst Abi confronts him over why Lauren is still in Albert Square. After talking to Lauren about her situation, Max goes to talk to Steven. Will he discover the truth?

When Carmel cooks dinner for Max, he sees it as an opportunity to fish and pry, but when she catches him looking at her files, will he be able to talk himself out of this one?

On the market, a delighted Kush tells Denise about Carmel’s passport expiring and Robbie tries to make amends with Donna just before trying to appease Mr Lister of his progress.

Elsewhere, Ian buys champagne to celebrate selling the chip shop.

These scenes will air Monday 17th (8pm), Tuesday 18th (7:30pm), Thursday 20th (7:30pm) and Friday 21st July (8pm) on BBC One