Emmerdale SPOILERS: 15-21 July

Next week in Emmerdale, Paddy and Vanessa have fears over the court case, will Ross and Debbie give in to passion and with a proposal on the table could an affair be in jeopardy?

Marlon questions Rhona and Paddy on whether or not they’ll get back together. Paddy insists that he’s determined to support her as a friend, something Rhona reiterates to Marlon.

Later, DC Obsorne arrives with some photos of Rhona and Paddy embracing and points out it could back up Pierce’s argument in court. Later Paddy beats himself up over having made things worse for Rhona and is frightened about the prospect of Pierce being exonerated.

Rhona asks him to stay away and Vanessa is distracted and not able to bring herself to tell Rhona she’s been summoned as a witness together with Marlon and Jimmy. Eventually Vanessa summons the courage and Rhona reassures her she trusts her to give evidence.

Ross proudly tells Debbie he’s convinced cougar Jools to hire out the pub for a party at a good price but Debbie is irked at this and tells him it’s not happening. Later Debbie teases Ross at the garage and leads him on into thinking something is going to happen before playing a trick which puts him in his place. Later, after Ross proves he’s a loyal friend to Debbie, she relents and agrees to let Jools’ party go ahead in the pub.

Eager to make things up with Pollard, Faith arranges a get together for the locals in the backroom. As the party kicks off, Ross makes Debbie jealous flirting with Jools while Debbie ensures the teenagers don’t get their hands on alcohol.

Meanwhile, in the backroom, Sarah overhears Faith remarking on the potential for profit in selling alcohol to teenagers and decides to act on it selling shots in the toilets. Soon Debbie becomes suspicious when she spots drunk teenagers and creates a distraction to get to the bottom of it.

As the drunk teenagers run wild, Jools’ husband, Roger, arrives to discover his wife in the loos with Ross. A fight ensues between Roger and Ross ending up in Ross being beaten up. Debbie tends to his wounds and there’s a spark between them but will Debbie continue to fight it?

When the Take-A-Vow brochure appears with Leyla modelling the beautiful wedding dress, she and Priya talk weddings. Guilty Priya’s keen to find out how Leyla really feels about Pete and Leyla admits she’d jump at it if Pete ever proposed.

When she thinks he’s overhead her though she’s worried she might have scared him off and confronts him. Pete changes the subject and they get passionate. Later in the shop Pete glances at Priya and it is dangerously clear there’s still unresolved feelings on both sides.

When an organised wedding is cancelled, Tracy suggests Leyla and Pete could take advantage of the date and get hitched. But Leyla is disappointed when Pete dismisses the idea. Leyla confides in David who encourages her to take matters into her own hands and propose.

After some encouragement she does so but what will Pete say? Later Pete tells Priya about the proposal and at Holdgate they discuss their guilt, unaware Nell has heard everything. Will Nell let on she knows?

Before long it is the day of Nell’s meeting with social services and Priya later asks Nell why she didn’t go to the meeting but Nell asks her to let it drop. Priya demands the truth and Nell turns the tables revealing she knows about her and Pete.

Elsewhere, Chrissie meets ‘Tim’ at a restaurant unaware of his identity, Diane and Doug give wallowing Robert sympathy, Kerry has high hopes for her 40th birthday party, Jai encourages Nell to call social services to let them know that her circumstances have changed and despite trying to help Megan with business ideas, Frank’s downcast to realise he’s no closer to winning her back.

These scenes will air Monday 15th to Friday 19th July at 7pm with an extra episode Thursday 18th July at 8pm on ITV