Corrie SPOILERS: 5-11 August

Next week in Coronation Street, Michelle’s plight tips Robert over the edge, Gary takes a risk and Chesney suffers a setback.

After not returning home, Robert is worried sick about Michelle and leaves a message on her phone begging her to get in touch and let him know she’s OK. Convinced that Rich has abducted Michelle, the police break the news to Robert that Rich has an alibi, so it can’t be him.

Grabbing Rich outside his house, Robert gives him a severe beating and tells him that if he has gone anywhere near Michelle again, he’ll finish the job off. Later, the police call at Victoria Court and arrest Robert on suspicion of ABH.

When Robert later returns home on bail he blames himself for bringing Rich into their lives.

Having proposed to Leanne whilst drunk, Steve admits that he likes Leanne and Liz encourages him to buy a ring and propose properly. When Amy overhears this, she’s shocked.

Before Leanne can stop her, Amy texts Simon informing him that Leanne and Steve are going to get married. Outside the Rovers, Steve approaches, Leanne’s horrified to see that Oliver is wearing a baby grow emblazoned with the words “Will you marry my Daddy?”

Amy, Simon, Peter, Toyah, Eva and Tracy watch as Steve gets down on one knee and lists all the reasons their marriage could work. How will Leanne respond?

Having observed the lack of chemistry between Steve and Leanne, Liz reckons Steve needs to sort out his sex life but she tells her to stop interfering.

Telling Sarah he’s booked a viewing on a flat and he’ll meet her there at 5pm, Gary heads off to a new job but Sarah warns him to be careful as he’s had a couple of drinks. As he makes a start on his new job, Gary fails to stack the bricks properly and the scaffolding collapses leaving Gary buried under a pile of bricks.

Arriving at the hospital, Sarah is relieved to find Gary in one piece. Gary masks his discomfort when his employer, Don, assures him the job is still his but he’ll need copies of his insurance documents to claim for the smashed conservatory.

Gary’s furious when Sarah reveals she’s agreed to put down a deposit on a new flat and under pressure he comes clean to Don and admits he has no insurance. Telling him he’s fired, Dom then demands £10k to pay for the damage he’s caused.

In desperation, Gary meets up with Joe and confirms he’ll take the security work in the Ukraine as he needs cash fast. Gary lies to Sarah, making out he jacked his job in as he’s landed some more lucrative work with his Dad in Hamburg. He promises her that it’ll only be for a few weeks and will allow them to buy a dream flat.

As Joe runs through the details of the security job with Gary he reminds him to make a will. Gary’s taken aback and to his horror, Sarah suggests she might like to join him on his Hamburg trip. Telling her that it wouldn’t be a good idea for her join him in Hamburg as he needs to give the job 100%, will Sarah accept this?

Kate isn’t impressed when Luke admits to her that he tried it on with Alya but she knocked him back and reminds him that flatmates are out of bounds. Rana has some different advice for Alya who confesses that she’s got the hots for Luke and she urges her to ask him out.

Alya lures Luke back to the flat on the pretence that the food processor is broken but when Luke spots the screwdriver on the side, he sees straight through her ruse. But has her plan worked?

Realising that window cleaning isn’t for her, Rosie begs Todd and Adam to consider her for the role of PA, but they say no. Using a false name, Rosie dupes Todd and Adam into giving her an interview and when Mrs Banks, a prospective client, calls in for divorce advice, Rosie turns on the charm and Adam’s amused.  Will she get the job?

On a mission to help Mrs Banks with her divorce, Rosie and an oblivious Tim set about cleaning the windows at Mr Banks’ house. When Rosie spots Mr Banks with his mistress through a chink in the curtains, she takes pictures on her phone. Pleased with her handywork, Rosie emails the photos to Mrs Banks.

When Gemma excitedly reminds Chesney that he’s due back at work tomorrow, he’s very subdued and Sinead can tell something’s bothering him. When Fiz spots Daniel chatting to Sinead, her suspicions are aroused, especially when she clocks her putting some sexy underwear in her bag.

Furious, Fiz decides to confronts her but when she reveals she’s trying to make an effort for Chesney, Fiz apologises. Meanwhile Chesney starts back at work only to find himself faced with a rowdy bunch of lads on a stag night. As the lads become more boisterous, Chesney suffers a panic attack and runs from the kebab shop struggling for breath.

As Rana and Liz tend to Chesney, Rana explains he’s had a panic attack brought on by stress. Chesney makes them promise not to tell anyone and back at home Sinead cooks a special meal for Chesney as he paints on a smile, masking his inner anxiety.

Aidan excitedly confirms the sale has gone through and they now own their flat. But when he opens the post, Aidan confronts Eva, wanting to know why she failed to mention her first scan. Thinking on her feet, Eva tells Aidan the scan isn’t for another hour and she’ll meet him at the hospital.

At Toyah’s suggestion, Eva prints off a scan photo from the internet to fool Aidan.

Elsewhere, Rita struggles to remember what she had for breakfast but masks her worry from an oblivious Gemma and Dev’s horrified to find the kebab shop unmanned and some lads helping themselves to kebabs.

These scenes will air Monday 7th (7:30pm & 8:30pm), Wednesday 9th (7:30pm) and Friday 11th July (7:30pm & 8:30pm) on ITV