EastEnders SPOILERS: 5-11 August

Next week in EastEnders, Linda’s back for good, Max dismisses Carmel and Steven’s game might be up.

Linda arrives back in Walford with The Taylor’s watching from their window. Marching across the Square with Robbie in tow, Linda head straight to the Queen Vic. But how will she react when Mick admits the truth to her about what has happened whilst she’s been away? Including the truth about what happened between him and Whitney.

And how will Whitney feel when she’s trying to sleep but all she can hear is Mick and Linda arguing? As Mick confides in Jack, will he tell him what he wants to hear?

With Mick and Linda seething from recent events, Shirley notices that something’s up but after she questions Linda, will she get to the truth?

Whilst we now know that Max is in a secret relationship with Fi Browning, this doesn’t stop him from flirting with Carmel. How will Max dodge Carmel’s questions on why their relationship has to stay a secret?

Later on in the week, after telling Shakil about her and Max, Carmel invites Max to a family dinner and is taken aback by his dismissive mood. So much so that she cancels and storms off.

Elsewhere, Steven turns to Max for help but is he really the right person to turn to? And is the game up for him and Abi as he’s spotted by Ian telling her that he’s got everything in control after she confronts him?

These scenes will air Monday 7th (8pm), Tuesday 8th (7:30pm), Thursday 10th (7:30pm) and Friday 11th July (8pm) on BBC One