Emmerdale SPOILERS: 5-11 August

Next week in Emmerdale, Robert drugs Lawrence, Laurel plays the religious card and have Pete and Priya been rumbled?

Making himself comfortable at Home Farm, Robert drinks Lawrence’s finest bottle of brandy but panics when he hears Rebecca return. He feels like his plan has been thwarted after Lawrence discharges himself and arrives home.

When he later visits the doctor, Robert is prescribed pills to deal with his insomnia, crushing the medication into a powder he pops over to Home Farm and tips it into Lawrence’s bottle of Armagnac as he sleeps.

Concerned about Lawrence’s health, Rebecca cancels the Home Farm Zombie run but Lachlan steps in and vows it will go ahead. Confused by the hubbub outside when he awakens, a drowsy Lawrence decides to investigate and hops into his car and it’s not long before he’s hurtling towards Belle, Lachlan and Victoria who are all involved in the event to terrifying consequences.

Meanwhile at the scrapyard office, Aaron’s found a pill. Realising it’s Robert’s, he’s concerned and wonders what he’s up to.

Emma is unnerved when Laurel pops round to apologise, return her jacket and reassure her that she’s going to drop her public vendetta against her. As their conversation progresses, Laurel makes it clear she and Emma know the real truth of what’s happened and Laurel plays the religious card preying on Emma’s guilt and conscience.

Unaware Ross is eavesdropping, Emma makes a vaguely implicating remark before breaking down in tears. Could the truth be about to come out?

As Pete and Leyla visit their wedding venue, Priya’s feeling sorry for herself and downs the booze at the zombie run. The event owner takes a shine to her but she’s not interested.

Meanwhile, Nell’s worried Priya might reveal the truth and calls Pete for his intervention. He makes an excuse to Leyla about Moira needing help to get away. On arrival at the run, Pete reassures an emotional Priya she’ll find someone but she misreads the situation and goes in for a kiss unaware Sarah’s nearby.

What has the young Dingle seen and heard and will she let the cat out of the bag?

Just as Pollard and Josh attempt to build bridges things take a terrible turn, a wound-up Josh stupidly takes Pollard’s shotgun from the gun cupboard and after some teasing from Jamie and his gang, it’s not long before the gun has been fired and the police are called.

Will Pollard forgive Josh? With Jacob and Josh firmly in the frame with the police, could the pressure get too much for Jacob?

At the Woolpack Megan’s touched when Frank remarks he views Eliza as a daughter and also wants to set up a charity for young people in trouble. He really seems to be a changed man and Megan squeezes his hand.

Charity however clocks this and confronts Megan with the suggestion she’s wavering on her plan to get Frank sent down. Megan is worrying about the plan but Charity insists they stick to it and when she later finds Frank’s forgotten his phone, she decides pocket it. What is she up to?

Elsewhere, Victoria confides in Diane she still has feelings for Adam but can never forgive him. Rhona changes her plans on the realisation she might not be as recovered as she thought she was. Marlon senses something is up with Rhona but will she confide her fears?

These scenes will air Monday 7th to Friday 11th August at 7pm with an extra episode Thursday 10th August at 8pm on ITV