Corrie SPOILERS: 12-18 August

Next week in Coronation Street, Eva calls off her revenge, Rita points the finger at Gemma and Mary’s problems are far from over.

After seeing Aidan coo over the scan photo, Eva is wracked with guilt and tells Leanne that her plan has gone too far and she want to put and end to it all. She breaks the news to Adam who doesn’t argue and hands over the factory’s computer hard drive for her to replace. But as she returns the hard drive to the office, she’s forced to hide when Johnny and Aidan return.

Jenny is outraged when Eva reveals that she wants to get married as soon as possible, suggesting a double wedding with her and Johnny. With Jenny refusing, Eva forces Aidan to speak to his dad about sharing his wedding day. Will Jenny be forced to back down?

Meanwhile Adam’s heart goes out to vulnerable Eva, who suggests she pretends Stella’s having a crisis so she can escape to France for a few weeks. Thanking him for all his support, Adam is buoyed
by her words and acts on his feelings leaning in for a kiss. Will Eva respond?

As she prepares to leave for France, Eve tells Maria that she wants her to take over the wedding planning and hen do in her absence leaving her stunned. Moaning to Aidan about her role as wedding
planner, Maria is convinced something is going on between Eva and Adam but Aidan tells her she’s got it wrong.

Gemma’s shocked that Chesney has quit his job but when she tries to change his mind, Chesney bites her head off.  Feeling upset, Gemma is keen to impress when two of her old mates, Zoe and Roxy pay her a visit at Prima Doner. Shutting up shop, she invites them to Rita’s flat where they raid the drinks cupboard.

When Rita hears the sound of loud music upstairs she bursts in and orders Zoe and Roxy to leave. Rita is furious when a tearful Gemma berates her for scaring off her only mates. Their row is quickly forgotten when Gemma discover that Rita has suggested to Jenny that she ask her to be one of her bridesmaids.

However as they head home, neither notice that Rita’s failed to lock the shop. Watching from nearby, Zoe and Roxy can’t believe their luck and sneak inside. As Norris goes to open up, he’s horrified to discover a break in and as the police survey the ransacked Kabin, they point out there’s no sign of a forced entry.

Discovering that £100 has been stolen from her purse, she realises someone has been in her bag and could have used her keys to the shop. Confronting Gemma, Rita accuses her and her friends of stealing from her. Distraught at Rita’s accusation, Gemma tearfully assures her she would never steal from her.

As the police take Gemma in for questioning, Cathy assures Rita that Gemma thinks the world of her and would never steal from her, but Rita reckons Gemma has them both fooled.

Gary meets up with Joe and secretly signs the documents for his job in the Ukraine. When upbeat Sarah tells him they’ve got an appointment for the Parent Support session, Gary covers his guilt, hoping he’ll be back by then.

Intrigued by seeing Gary collect a certificate of health from the medical centre, Alya corners hum in the café and he is forced to explain that he’s signed up for some dangerous security work in the Ukraine in a bid to clear his debts.

Alya’s horrified but reluctantly agrees to deliver letters for Gary should anything happen to him. However when she unwittingly drops the letter marked ‘Sarah’, will Sarah get to read the contents before Gary leaves for the airport?

When Mary speaks to Jude via video call, Aadi and Asha let slip about the wedding and Mary is forced to admit she’s marrying Norris. Telling Norris that Jude knows about their wedding, she hates
the idea of lying to him and Norris urges her to come clean but he’s aghast when Mary reveals that Jude’s flying his family over for their wedding so they will have to pretend it’s genuine.

When Tracy hears that Norris and Mary are getting married, she reckons it’s a wind up and makes jibes at the pair, suggesting the wedding will be nothing more than a circus. Desperate to protect Mary, Norris says he couldn’t be happier.

Phelan’s chuffed when Nicola calls and asks him if he’ll cast his professional eye over a flat she’s hoping to buy. Having taken his advice, Nicola tells him that after putting in a reasonable offer, the developer laughed in her face. Leading Phelan to demand the developer’s name.

Phelan meets up with the developer pointing out that he’s in the trade and knows every scam and leans on him to accept Nicola’s offer. Thrilled, Nicola tells Phelan her offer on the flat has been accepted and it’s clearly thanks to him.

Having waited for Kate to go to work, Alya emerges from Luke’s bedroom. She confides in Rana that she slept with Luke but they didn’t have sex.

When Kate arrives home she finds Luke and Alya kissing. Unimpressed, she tears a strip off them for getting together behind her back, claiming she’s going to feel like a spare part in her own home.

Sally finds a pile of final demands in Gina’s handbag she queries whether her bipolar is behind her spending sprees. Gina’s dismissive, but when Sally mentions Rita once helped her out of debt, Gina’s ears prick up.

David arrives home to find Bethany styling Shona’s hair. When Shona quickly makes here exit, Bethany tells David how Shona was helping take her mind off the trial.

Elsewhere, When Rana finds out that Liz has signed up for some free vape cartridges and provided her bank details, she warns her she’s been scammed. Liz is gutted to discover her bank account has been emptied. Liz laments to Eileen how the scam leaflet was pinned to the Medical Centre notice board and she intends to find out who’s behind it.

These scenes will air Monday 14th (7:30pm & 8:30pm), Wednesday 16th (7:30pm) and Friday 18th July (7:30pm & 8:30pm) on ITV