EastEnders SPOILERS: 12-18 August

Next week in EastEnders, there’s tension over dinner for the Kazemis, Phil makes a generous gesture and the Taylors continue to struggle

Keanu applies for a job in The Queen Vic and whilst Linda is willing to give him a chance, does Mick think the same?

Excited to see Max, Carmel shows him her bikini that she’s bought for her holiday. What will Max’s reaction be? Especially when she starts sending him selfies of her in her bikini!

When Kush walks in on his mother taking sexy selfies, what will he say? And with dinner with Max on the card, it’s safe to say the Kush is not looking forward to it. At dinner, Carmel tries her best to host the dinner party but the atmosphere soon turns tense.

Kush Carmel and Max come together to pack the cars to go to the airport and say their goodbyes.

Phil tells Kathy about the offer on the car lot. But should he go ahead? What advice will Kathy give? And how will she feel when Ben pays her a visit in the café, to tell tell her about Phil giving Jay the car lot?

Back at home, Jay confronts Phil about his motives for giving him the car lot. What will he say his reasons were? Speaking to Sharon, Phil tells her that he wants to do right by his family.

Over at the Taylor household, the kids come back to Karen carrying candles. They all freeze when the bailiffs bang on the door. The next day, Karen makes an escape from the bailiffs. Back inside, Keanu grows desperate as the family struggle to make ends meet.

Elsewhere, Jay hosts a disastrous dinner and Sonia offers to take Mr Pryce to the Vic.

These scenes will air Monday 14th (8pm), Tuesday 15th (7:30pm), Thursday 17th (7:30pm) and Friday 18th July (8pm) on BBC One