Emmerdale SPOILERS: 12-18 August

Next week in Emmerdale, Finn confronts Emma, Leyla and Pete’s big day arrives and Megan continues to push on with her plan.

Worried about what Finn might when he clears out Wylie’s farm of their possessions, Emma panics causing Finn to have his own concerns about Emma. He later finds her all agitated at the farm shovelling a note into her pocket. Telling him that she was just there to say goodbye to the farm, Finn continues to be suspicious and searches her pockets.

Discovering two pieces of a note with the words “I Do Not” he wonders what it means and the next day Emma is shaken when searching for the note she discovers that Finn has it. Grabbing it from him, she is forced to admit that James wrote it. Seeing how upset his mother is, Finn decides not to probe her any further.

Later at the cafe, Leyla discusses her wedding preparations leading Emma to mention that she no longer has her wedding dress. Overhearing this, Finn doesn’t believe her and grills her on it. She claims that she destroyed the dress because of James’s relationship with Moira. Finn demands to know the truth and wants the full timeline of when Emma found out about Moira.

But will Emma tell the truth? And if she does, how far will she go about what happened and how will Finn react to her admission she was on the bridge after all.

Worried that her wedding is going to be a washout because nothing in her life is going according to plan, Priya vows to step in and help Leyla. Spotting Sarah wangling more money out of Pete, Adam asks her about it and she says that he’s been giving her money since she saw him speaking with Priya.

Later, in front of Leyla, Moira asks Pete to work overtime leaving the bride to be suspicious of what Pete’s been up to, especially when she clocks a look between the pair. Later Pete is forced to tell the truth when Adam confronts him about sleeping with Priya but Pete insists he’s committed to Leyla.

The day before the wedding, the bride and groom are having their hen and stag dos and Priya feels guilty when Leyla gives her a gift. Rhona drinks as she struggles with the wedding vibes and despite Emma’s best efforts, Leyla’s having pre-wedding jitters.

Meanwhile, in the Woolpack, Ross is unaware of Pete’s fling but Pete confides in Adam he’s having second thoughts about the wedding. Leyla and Pete speak on the phone but neither admits their true feelings about having wobbles over the big day.

The next morning it’s the big day but all is not calm as a guilty Pete tries to find the courage to tell Leyla the truth while Priya battles her own guilt as she helps a nervous Leyla get ready. With Pete becoming more determined to confess his fling with Priya, Adam persuades him not to mess things up and to live with the lies. Unbeknownst to Pete, Leyla is having her own doubts and confides in Priya, worrying that she’s rushing into the marriage. She leaves Pete feeling unsettled as she delays her entrance down the aisle.

Whilst popping out to the toilet, he makes a decision… Will he go ahead with the wedding? Will he tell Leyla the truth? Leyla has also popped to the ladies’ room and steels herself as she looks in the mirror. Can she go through with the wedding? And has Pete truly buried his feeling for Priya?

Following up with Marlon regarding the timeshare, Marlon has to admit to Frank that he can’t afford it. Megan decides to step in and stop Frank from selling to her friends after learning that Rishi is interested in investing too. Lying to him, she says there’s a problem with the build and they should go to Spain to sort it out together.

Megan reassures Charity that she’s still intent on bringing Frank down after she wonders what is going on. Frank meanwhile, spots a beach wedding brochure and gets the wrong idea, unaware that they’re plotting to book him a one-way flight to Malaga.

Elsewhere, Rhona makes a drunken move on someone, Harriet is pleased when Cain apologises to Bishop Barry and both Cain and Harriet agree they shouldn’t change who they are for anyone. And Nicola becomes competitive when she sees Kerry and Dan exercising and sets up a race Dan versus Jimmy

These scenes will air Monday 14th to Friday 18th August at 7pm with an extra episode Thursday 17th August at 8pm on ITV