Corrie SPOILERS: 26 August – 1 September

Next week in Coronation Street, Gary has a lot of making up to do, Gemma’s woes continue and Sally’s annoyed at Gina.

Having not heard from Gary, Sarah and Izzy begin to fret and pray that he’s safe and well. As Sarah attends her parents’ support group she’s taken aback when Gary arrives.

As she talks candidly about felling like she’s let Bethany down, Gary offers some heartfelt words and promises her that from now on he’ll be there for her.

But when he receives a call from Joe offering him another gig, he has to break his promise. Sarah is horrified when Gary breaks the news to her that he’s accepted another job in the Ukraine. He goes on to lie, telling her that the risk is minimal and the money is fantastic.

When Sarah suggests an afternoon lie down, Gary makes excuses and Sarah’s disappointed.  With Sarah out of the way, Gary winces with pain as he removes his t-shirt to reveal his badly bruised back and ribs. Is Gary’s work more dangerous than he’s making out?

Before heading back to the Ukraine, Gary suggests to Sarah that they head into town as he wants to show her something. Back from their trip Gary and Sarah pour over property details. Are the couple back on track?

Moaning to Cathy about her ongoing feud with Rita, Gemma and Rita are interrupted by a lad who looks Gemma up and down before telling her that she doesn’t match his profile.

Wondering what he’s talking about, Gemma goes to to discover that Zoe and Roxy have set up a fake account for her on a dating site in order to humiliate her.

Gemma explains to Norris that the reason they’ve done this is as revenge for when she grassed them up for burgling the Cabin. Rita and Norris form a plan and on their instruction Rosie calls Gemma, Zoe and Roxy together for a meeting in the Rovers.

Rosie masquerades as Gemma’s lawyer and putting the frighteners on Zoe and Roxy, accuses them of cyber terrorism and advises them to stay away from her client. Will the girls fall for Rosie’s act and will they succeed in reconciling Rita and Gemma?

Jenny and her bridesmaids meet with the dressmaker, but when Rita accidentally spills coffee down Gemma’s dress, who in turn spills coffee on Kate’s, it all ends in tears. Having returned home, Rita busies herself setting the table but when she sets an extra place for Len, Gemma’s quietly concerned. Gemma confides in Rosie how worried she is about Rita and wonders if she’s got dementia.

Furious to discover that Gina has been storing the box of bric-a-brac which she promised she’d sold, in the store room at Dev’s shop, Sally confronts Gina demanding to know why she lied.

Becoming defensive, Gina accuses Sally of embarrassing her. Collecting her box from Dev, Gina admits that she’s in financial straits and Dev offers her some hours in the shop, to which Gina is thrilled and throws her arms round him.

Sally remains cross with Gina for lying and accuses her of hiding behind her bipolar condition when it suits her. Seething, Gina borrows Sally’s laptop making out she’s going to sell her bric-a-brac online, but what is her real intent?

When Robert reads a bistro review in which they refer to him as Nick, he realises it’s time for a revamp. Robert is grateful when Will offers to knock up some designs but let’s just say that Michelle is less enthusiastic.

Nicola tells Yasmeen about her plans to build a youth centre with Phelan’s help but Yasmeen warns her that she’s dealing with a rogue. When Nicola confronts Phelan about the Calcutta Street flats project, will he be able to convince her that he was a victim too?

Elsewhere, Shona joins the Platts for a barbeque, only to be met by disapproving looks from Gail and Will finds a silk scarf belonging to Michelle in the bistro office and stuffs it in his pocket. And Sally vows to run for Mayor herself and tells Gina that she can help with her campaigning.

These scenes will air Monday 28th (7:30pm & 8:30pm) and Wednesday 30th (7:30pm) on ITV