Emmerdale SPOILERS: 26 August – 1 September

Next week in Emmerdale, Robert is determined to stop Aaron fighting, Kerry invites Daz in and Lawrence’s health is deteriorating.

With a fight planned between Aaron and Jason at the gym, Aaron’s family and friends are discouraging him from going ahead with it. Heading out anyway, Robert appears with the others to try and stop the fight going ahead.

When Jason suggests he and Aaron have a legitimate match in the ring and Aaron accepts the challenge. But later, unbeknownst to him, Robert tries to make Jason cancel the fight by buying him off.

Robert also asks Cain to help him stop Aaron fighting Jason but it’s to no avail as Aaron’s determined. The next day, Aaron discovers Robert tried to pay Jason off and is furious with him and after a pep talk from Zak and Adam, Aaron steps into the ring.

Daz arrives in the village aboard Harriet’s bible bus but when he sees Kerry he tries to hide. Spotting him, Kerry decides to take him in and convinces him to have a haircut, a bite to eat and despite Bernice’s initial reluctance, to stay over at the salon.

Grateful to find out that Kerry have agreed to not to tell Dan he’s back, Daz gets all spruced up for an interview but how will Dan react should he find out his brother is back and Kerry has been helping him?

Pollard refuses to listen to David over his concerns about Faith taking advantage of his money. However during a date with Faith, David’s words ring in his years. Will Pollard learn that David was right? Outside, when she tries to kiss him, he recoils leaving her assuming he’s been put off her by her mastectomy.

Apologising to Pollard for his comments, David suggests Pollard reconsiders his relationship with her as it’s obvious they have chemistry. Will Pollard listen to him or is it too late?

Meanwhile, Faith comes to the decision that she’s better off without Pollard and they exchange scathing remarks when they later bump into each other in the shop.

Later at the pub, David points out to Pollard he obviously likes Faith but she’s moved on and is busy flirting with Rodney. What will Eric think?

Faith’s unimpressed with Rodney as they head out for dinner and he suggests they take the bus. En route a smug Pollard swings by in the Bentley leaving her rueful about what might have been with him. Can Faith and Pollard ever get it together?

With Lawrence unsteady on his fee, Rebecca tearfully confides in Robert her worries over her dad’s health and the state of the business. Feigning sympathy, he tries to dissuade her from taking Lawrence to see a doctor and promises to speak to Lawrence and sort it all out.

Rebecca’s fears are worsened when they catch Lawrence drinking and when he falls asleep in the cafe, Emma advises Rebecca to get him seen by a doctor. Telling Robert that she’s called the doctor, Robert panics that his drugging will be exposed.

Later, Robert desperately tries to get his own appointment at the doctors and when he’s unsuccessful, turns up at the surgery bluffing he’s there on Rebecca’s behalf. He enquires about Lawrence’s blood samples and Emma tells him they haven’t been sent off giving Robert an idea. What’s he up to and will he be caught?

Elsewhere, Megan and Frank discuss their relationship, Emma’s feeling tormented and breaks down, Jacob feels guilty when Josh is sentenced and Jimmy and Nicola surprise Laurel.

These scenes will air Monday 28th August to Friday 1st September at 7pm with an extra episode Thursday 30th August at 8pm on ITV