Corrie SPOILERS: 9-15 September

Next week in Coronation Street, Anna makes a shocking discovery, Phelan puts his plan into action and Maria’s onto Adam and Eva.

Horrified to find out that Faye and Seb have run away, Anna tries to track them down. Once he realises what Faye has planned, Seb runs away wanting to get home and is found by Anna in a lay-by.

Anna is horrified to see the conditions Seb is living in with his young twin siblings and he makes her promise not to tell Faye about his awful home life.

With Eileen thinking that he’s on a job in Scotland, Phelan ties Andy’s wrists and bundles him in the back of his van, telling him they are leaving for France with his fake passport.

When the van crashes in the woods Andy kicks open the doors and discovering Phelan unconscious at the wheel makes a run for it .

Meanwhile, Eileen and Nicola decide to head over to the house to have a snoop around. What will they find? Is the game up for Phelan?

Jacqui, the surrogate, calls in to the Rovers for her meeting with Peter and Torah just as the brewery launch party is in full swing. However the party descends into chaos when Jon from the brewery discovers Peter’s an alcoholic and Steve is the father of Leanne’s baby.

Appalled, Jacqui heads out and Toyah goes after her, begging her to give them a fair hearing. When she promises her that they would love their child more than anything, will Jacqui reconsider?

Bearing expensive gifts, Gary arrives home and says he has no intention of returning to the Ukraine. But when Izzy tells him that Jake needs expensive speech therapy he is forced to accept another contract.

In a bid to cheer himself and Sarah up he takes her out for champagne but when she refuses a second night on the town due to work he goes out by himself and bumps into Nicola in a bar.

Uuaware who she is he unburdens himself. Will he regret the conversation when he discovers she is Phelan’s daughter?

Gemma is concerned about Rita, having seen her write out a cheque to Jenny for the hen do. She decides to test her by telling her she still needs to write a cheque for Jenny and as Rita does so, Gemma presents her with both cheques. How will she react?

Sick of finding David the dog destroying her garden, Yasmeen confiscates him, telling David and Shona they’re not fit to look after him.

Having given Aidan’s credit card a severe whipping, Eva returns from France will lots of shopping bags. Adam tells her that his plan for Underworld is own track and Maria’s intrigued to clock their intimacy.

Eva prints another scan photo from the internet and asks Maria to drop it round to Aidan at the flat. With the help of Leanne and Toyah, Eva decorates the Rovers for her hen party and tells them how she intends to have her revenge on Maria, Jenny and Kate.

Jenny’s furious to discover Eva’s gone behind her back and cancelled the posh restaurant. When the strippers arrive, Jenny’s appalled that her hen do has turned into such a low rent affair.

Eva and Toyah lead the hen party drinking games with Maria the butt of the gags, Eva enjoys watching her squirm. Furious at how far Eva has gone Maria says she won’t be able to attend the wedding as Liam is ill.

And as the stag do gets underway, Aidan, Jonny and Kirk arrive at the Bistro in full drag.

As Luke, Kate and Imogen set off for a night on the town, Kate tries to persuade Rana to join them but she makes excuses, masking her dislike of Imogen.

When Kate suggests another night out and invites Rana again, Zeedan’s all for it but Rana can’t summon up any enthusiasm. Realising she’s double-booked herself, Kate calls off their night on the town but suggests Rana joins her at Eva’s hen do instead.

Rana reluctantly agrees. Kate and Rana arrive for the hen do, but when Imogen suddenly shows up, Rana’s put out and Kate clocks her mood change.

Elsewhere, believing that Rich is telling truth and that someone else is waging a war against them, Robert tells Michelle that they should fake a split to keep her safe.